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The A Capella Cantata (Empty Orchestra)
for Voice, Reverb Pedal & Magnetic Tape

"Had this Cantata been composed centuries ago, it would have been entitled 'The A Capella Cantata for Mixed Trio & Wounded Orchestra'.
'A Capella' because the accompanying concerto, being prerecorded and preformed posthumously on tape, cannot respond to the vocal, making it creatively unnacompanied.
'Cantata' because, though my orchestra is empty, the void acts as a contra puntal space between the live choral and canned orchestral aspects.
Lucky for you this Cantata was not composed centuries ago, or it would be a piece of shit instead of a masterpiece. Now you like the contrapuntal to include formal or conceptual tensions in addition to the tonal to the rhythmic, don't you.
This performance, captured in it's entirety in a few hours, emplifies the bellacose cowardice of The Restaurants who would not wage this aleatorical duel unless they had secured victory firsthand. The vocalist was partially alive, but the reverb pedal was entirely inert, deserving no credit. The initial six movements of this Cantata were recorded in one take. Only the internecine pauses have been omitted. Nothing was prepared, there was no rehearsal, neither orchestra nor composer knew of their forthcoming infliction; a specific deprivation designed to allow the long dead to give birth. This record documents the survivorless battlefield where the draft-age orchestra is decimated movement by movement, in a process that antagonizes the minimal and the maximal, the musical and the nonmusical, the mediocre and the atrocious. For enemies & 'friends' alike, this is a marraige to be thought of, not so much as losing a daughter, as losing a life."

N.N. - two minutes after completion

Recorded on mom's aiwa karaoke deck mid '98
All pomes + manipulations by Nondor Nevai born to die.
"Is This Good For Vulva?" by Tom Smith, thank you so much.

Note: The Restaurants is not credited on the album.
This is a limited pressing of 500 copies.


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September 26, 2011
this piece is an embarrasment. i wanted to do something BATHETIC and it is; the DAT tape cost me $12 so that was the cost of the production of this album. Until I had it mastered at Bernie Grundman's in L.A. which cost a bundle. This album was my protest and simultaneous metabolization of rap and other too-easy kinds of sampled dance and electronic music. In this case I wanted to make something that acutally TOOK instead of GIVING. I wanted it to be as uncreative as possible so I appropriated some different old records that were each awful for a different reason and I added some out-of-the-attic lyrics to them on the fly with no rehearsal. The lyrics were unearthed from a long-hidden folder of poems from my early teens and also rudimetary raps I had written during late boyhood when "the big street beat", as Hip Hop was originally known, ws just breaking out in NYC.