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1 Impulse To Line 0:05
2 Impulse To Line 0:05
3 Impulse To Line 1:00
4 Impulse To Line 0:59
5 Impulse To Line 1:00
6 Impulse To Line 1:00
7 Impulse To Line 1:00
8 Impulse To Line 1:00
9 Impulse To Line 1:00
10 Impulse To Line 1:00
11 Impulse To Line 1:00
12 Impulse To Line 1:00
13 Impulse To Line 1:00
14 Impulse To Line 1:00
15 Impulse To Line 1:00
16 Impulse To Line 1:00
17 Impulse To Line 1:00
18 Impulse To Line 1:00
19 Impulse To Line 1:00
20 Impulse To Line 0:05
21 Testtones 0:05
22 Testtones 0:04
23 Testtones 0:04
24 Testtones 0:04
25 Testtones 0:04
26 Testtones 0:04
27 Testtones 0:04
28 Testtones 0:04
29 Testtones 2:00
30 Testtones 0:05
31 Untitled 0:06


audiosignal for televisionset. all tracks by noto aka carsten nicolai

a normal audio cd release. this cd contains 30 tracks combining audio and visual information for tv. the first 20 pieces are line constructs based on impulse frequencies, the last ten are test frequencies from 50-8000 hz and white noise.

for best results please use a »blacktrinitron-tv« from sony connect the cd-out (chinch) and the television set via »scart« adapter for the s-vhs input.

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  • Label Code: lc 01293



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November 23, 2007

I think I'm the only one to like this cd!
"Telefunken" is a short 20 minutes cd consisting of 30 tracks of various lengths, mainly very short ones. It is recommended to listen to it while the Discman connected to the TV, but it is almost the same as when listened through headphones or audio channel.
When it is played as recommended, the screen's image is somewhat "moving" with the music...And it is quite amusing!
Nicolai makes more experimental works under the name of Noto than with Alva Noto, and this cd doesn't change the data. The sounds come probably from the TV and the radio (das Funk in German...) which make a work full of shortwave and quite disturbing noises! It is pretty conceptual, the kind of work CM von Hausswolff, John Duncan, Ryoji Ikeda or Zbigniew Karkowski could have done.
If you are not afraid to hear disturbing and really experimental works, this cd could be recommended.