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February 3, 2018
Band: Num Skull
Promo-Demo (Thrash Metal version): Official promo tape for the unreleased supposed to be "2nd" album “Future: Our Terror”
This tape is still in the good old eighties Thrash "Ritually Abused" style!
(There is also a later release (a Death Metal version) around of this tape with different (death grunt) vocals.)
Recorded: 1990 at Curved Air Studios, Crystal Lake, Illnois
Released: 1991
Produced by Num Skull
Engineered by Al Purvey
All song by Brandner / Charrier / J.McGullam
Except * by Brandner / J.McGullam
All lyrics by Jeff McGullam
All songs Num Skull / Skullsucker Music B.M.I.
Num Skull logo art by Chris Daisy
Genre: Death / Thrash Metal
Front art video: “Future War” by Steve Burg (D.A.)

1.Future: Our Terror* 0:00
2.Cheap Little Rosary 4:07
3.Brutal Fucking Death 8:34
4.Prey for Agony 13:04
5.Violent Existence 18:49
6.Join the Family* 25:08
7.D.E.A.D.* 28:27
8.Inane Butchery 33:35
9.Tell it to Jesus* 37:24

Line-up on this recording is:

Skip McGullam: vocals
Jeff McGullam: drums
Tom Brandner: guitars
Rob Charrier: bass (+vocals on the the Death Metal version of the promo tape)

(see 'Videos' section for a listen of both versions)