Nurgul Jones ‎– Love to Sin, Hate to Work

Elegant Elephant ‎– ee021
All Media, Album


A mixtape amid the transgressive realm of music. “Love to Sin, Hate to Work” moves further into the realm of dark trap and witch house, taking heavy influence from early 90s Memphis Rap, Club music, Goth culture, and the Order of the Nine Angels. Tweaked, slowed down, heavy, and with almost sludge like bass sections and heavy 808s the attempt is to recreate bleak and despotic feelings.

The greatest influence on this album is a single scene from the movie “Blade“. Said scene takes place at the start of the movie, where there are vampires in a club amid humans. All of a sudden, in the midst of dancing, the movie slows down and blood starts spraying from the ceiling, much to the glee of the vamps and horror of the humans. Like a heavy, pulsating blood-beat amid individuals who love to sin and hate to work, the album is a dream of this moment.