Nya Kulturvartetten ‎– Narrskeppet

Caprice Records ‎– CAP 21619
CD, Album


From Ship Of Fools
1 Excentric Prolog 3:33
2 Sansa Rag 5:44
3 Final Rag 5:08
4 Uncle's First Dream 3:42
5 Bull-Roarer, Episode 0:52
6 Tarantella 11:16
7 Dawn 6:11
From World Museum
8 Woodland Devil 3:23
9 Ugly Trio 1:16
10 Submarine Tune 3:35
From Narragonia
11 Uncle's Last Dream 6:52
12 Mykophone D'Amore 3:11
13 Shrinking Trio 1:03
14 Fanfare 1:39
15 Aragon, Growing Trio 1:03
16 The Hub 3:34
17 Contrapunctus 2:19
18 Majestatis 4:02



The EAM parts have been produced at Studio Tankero in Tyresö, EMS Stockholm and Fuzzy's studio in Copenhagen.
Mastering: Sweet Silence, Denmark and SDC Studios, Denmark.

the back cover reads:
"New Culture Quartet (1983-97) was an intermedia group whose members included Jan Bark, Fuzzy, Thord Norman and Folke Rabe. The Quartet gave performances with music that they played live on 'ordinary' as well as specially designed instruments, but also with pre-recorded, often electronic music. The performances, which for the most part took place in the dark, also comprised films, multislide presentations, light-and-shadow play, stage sets and acting. 'Ship of Fools' was the Quartet's first production and it gradually grew into a Fools Trilogy. The Quartet made a total of 75 performances in Scandinavia, Europe, the USA and Canada.
This CD contains a selection of the music to the trilogy. The visual aspects of the performances cannot be rendered in recordd form. But the music can take us a good deal of the way!"