O/V/R ‎– The World Remade

Downwards ‎– LINOVR
Vinyl, 12"


A1 The World Remade
A2 Lock 1
A3 Lock 2
B1 Reversing Into Tomorrow
B2 New Departures


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March 10, 2019
Hm.... i expected more from my fav duo. 12 2 e


March 7, 2019

Just like every single Regis & Ruskin collaboration, you will get your money's worth here, all doubts cleared. As all the previous efforts, it fuses the Downwards and Blueprint aesthetic and vibe with modern sound sculpting and production touches. The result? Nothing is left to your imagination. These grooves and flashy tight synth loops are married to a well developed sense of propulsive rhythmic "feel". For the sake of analogy, I'd say this one is not as hard and mono orientated as their Easy Prey release on Blueprint, which was a take no prisoners barrage of grey contours and nasty, hard hitting beats.

The World Remade, if I may observe, adds a little more swing, or well, depth. Given the stamina of the individuals involved, the understanding of rhythmic patterning shines through with confidence. The carefully aligned concurrent rhythmic segments blend to perfection with the mammoth bass response. The whole record has this trembling vibe throughout. As though it was going to leak around the edges due to excessive pressure, but it never does.

Every piece is a cycle in turbulent motion. The stubborn, loopy nature of the tracks prevails throughout, but is ultimately set a cut above the rest due to the staggering production showcase that this record is. It might go around in circles, but this is that techno excursion into rhythm studded territories you want to be a part of. Analytically layered sequences, linear momentum, rolling snares, jackin’ claps and some autochtone sound wizardry forged during their mythical studio session are the key elements here.

Basically, this sounds like any given, much beloved Downwards release, updated with state of the art stylishness and originality that comes only and exclusively with time and experience. Unlike some of the oppressive records of the Birmingham's imprint of the past, this records greatly benefits from spacious mastering, as the entire mid range spectrum is breathing with both lung fields being engaged to maximum capacity. It's dark, gritty, it's Ruskin and O' Connor, but it will allow you to put a smile on your face. Occasionally.