Oasis (2) ‎– Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants Sessions (Limited Collector's Edition)

Betrayer Deluxe ‎– bdcd-08005
2 × CD, Unofficial Release
CDr, Unofficial Release, Limited Edition


1-01 Teotihuacan 7:05
Track 1: Official Version (From "The X-Files: The Movie" Soundtrack)
1-02 Carry Us All 4:04
1-03 Who Feels Love? 5:53
1-04 Fuckin' In The Bushes 3:17
1-05 Little James 4:27
1-06 Gas Panic! 6:32
1-07 Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is 4:27
1-08 Sunday Morning Call 5:14
1-09 I Can See A Liar 3:37
1-10 Go Let It Out 5:19
1-11 Roll It Over 6:28
1-12 Solve My Mystery 3:49
1-13 Where Did It All Go Wrong? 4:14
1-14 (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell 4:15
1-15 Just Getting Older 3:19
1-16 It's A Crime 4:39
Track 2-16: Leaked Demo Versions / Early Mixes
Recorded At Chateau De La Colle Noire, France, April - May 1999
Recorded At Supernova Heights, UK, June 1999
Recorded At Wheeler End Studios, UK, June - July 1999
2-01 The Knock-On Effect 6:15
Track 1: Official Version (From U.N.K.L.E. Single / Remixed By Noel Gallagher)
2-02 Fuckin' In The Bushes 3:18
2-03 Fuckin' In The Bushes 3:24
Track 2-3: Early Remixes
Recorded At Supernova Heights, UK, June 1999
Recorded At Olympic Studios, UK, July - August 1999
2-04 Let's All Make Believe 3:55
2-05 (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell 4:23
2-06 Fuckin' In The Bushes (Clean Version) 3:20
2-07 One Way Road 4:05
2-08 Helter Skelter 5:54
2-09 Gas Panic! (Demo) 6:42
2-10 Carry Us All 4:02
2-11 Full On 4:18
2-12 Go Let It Out (Demo) 5:31
2-13 Just Getting Older 3:19
Track 4-13: Official Versions
2-14 Who Feels Love? (Acoustic) 6:11
2-15 Sunday Morning Call (Acoustic) 5:21
2-16 Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Semi-Acoustic Version) 4:32
Track 14-16: Official Promo Versions (Recorded At Wheeler End Studios, UK, December 1999)
CD3: Bonus CDR Disc
3-01 Fuckin' In The Bushes 2:46
3-02 (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell 4:20
Track 1-2: Bootleg Edit
3-03 Interview 4:19
3-04 Who Feels Love? (Acoustic) 5:52
3-05 Interview 1:06
Track 3-5: Recorded Live At Station Y100, Philadelphia, USA, December 3rd 1999
3-06 Who Feels Love? (Acoustic) 5:57
Track 6: Recorded Live At 89X, Detroit, USA, December 5th 1999
3-07 Interview 3:26
3-08 Interview 8:54
3-09 Interview 1:45
3-10 Who Feels Love? (Acoustic) 5:47
3-11 Interview 7:53
3-12 Interview 4:09
Track 7-12: Recorded Live At "The Edge 102" FM Radio, Toronto, Canada, December 7th 1999
3-13 Interview 2:43
3-14 Go Let It Out (LP Version) 4:26
3-15 Interview 3:24
3-16 Don't Look Back In Anger (LP Version) 3:50
3-17 Interview 6:00
Track 13-17: Radio Interview with Liam Gallagher, Date Unknown


This is the 2CD+1CDR limited collector's edition of the "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants Sessions" bootleg with an additional bonus CDR containing more material and unreleased acoustic sessions from 1999 around the time of the SOTSOG release. There is also a 2CD standard edition without the bonus CDR.

In general, this bootleg is a complete collection of all the material around the creation of the "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants" album and its sessions including demos, early remixes etc.

The exceptional fact here is that except for "Little James" (Track 1-05) all demos on CD1 feature Noel Gallagher on vocals including tracks later sung by Liam Gallagher!

Also to be mentioned: "Solve My Mystery" (Track 1-12) or sometimes referred to as "Revolution Song" has never been officially released, the other new track was "It's A Crime" (Track 1-16) which was officially released later on "Don't Believe The Truth" but differs significantly from this version.

"Go Let It Out" (Track 1-10) features a dialogue from the movie "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" in the intro.

"Teotihuacan" (Track 1-01) is an instrumental track written by Noel Gallagher for the X-Files soundtrack which Noel later reworked for the collaboration with Ian Brown and can now be seen as the demo for the song "Keep What Ya Got".

Track 3-09 and 3-10 are mislabeled on the cd as they are switched.

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