Oddsocks ‎– Men Of The Moment

Sweet Folk And Country ‎– SFA 030
Vinyl, LP


A1 Lazy Day 3:40
A2 Oh So Nice 3:00
A3 Thrilled Me With Your Love 3:45
A4 Pnemonia 2:20
A5 Take Away My Heart 2:50
A6 Man Of The Moment 3:15
B1 Red Hot And Wild 4:25
B2 Sphinx 2:30
B3 Its Difficult 2:55
B4 Spend Some Time 2:30
B5 Blind And Unknowning 4:45
B6 Being Here With You 2:35



Oddsocks - Men Of The Moment (Sweet Folk SFA 030, 1975)
Original UK pressing on the SWEET fOLK AND COUNTRY label from 1975.

Oddsocks were:
Robin Brooks ~ Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Gerald Claridge ~ Acoustic, Spanish & Electric Guitars
Nick Perrot ~ Drums, Congas, Marraccas, Guiro
Nick Saloman ~ Bass Guitar, Electric Piano

Nick Salomon from the Bevis Frond played bass guitar on this LP by a folk duo called Oddsocks (i.e. Robin Brooks and Gerald Claridge), who were made up to a four-piece band (incl. Nick Saloman and Nick Perrot on drums) for the album sessions.

Nick Salomon recalls the album:
"Men Of The Moment is no classic, but I have to say it's not that bad either. Oddsocks were an acoustic duo comprising Gerald Claridge and Robin Brooks. I met them while I was at college in Weymouth. They'd already been at college for a couple of years when I arrived, and were pretty well established round the area playing pubs and clubs. Both Gerald and Robin were great songwriters and they did a set made up of their own stuff, a couple of covers and a few comedy songs chucked in.
Now I've never been a fan of the comedy song, but back in the early 70s it was what most folk-based musos did occasionally, and I must say Robin & Gerald were very funny. Well, a guy called Joe Stead asked if they'd like to cut an album. Needless to say, the leapt at the chance, and asked me to play bass and keyboards, and a guy called Nick Perrott who was in another local band called Anyway to play drums. So we all trooped off to Mid Wales in the snow to cut the record in a studio halfway up a mountain. It took 2 days to record and mix. All the material was written by Robin & Gerald. It's kind of folky rock, quite melodic and gentle. Certainly not psychedelic or heavy at all. When the album came out we did a one-off live performance of the record as a four piece in the College Bar. I'm sorry to say I got pissed as a fart, and played like an idiot. I don't think anyone noticed.
I remember Gerald offered me a share of the profits of the LP or a £15 session fee. I took the £15. I think I was the only one of the band to earn anything!!
Love Nick"