Ohmtron Seedling ‎– Box Set

Cassette, Album, Numbered, Stereo


1-A1 Airplane Dropping Bombs Of Candy
1-A2 Black Car With Tinted Windows Driving Without Headlights Downhill On An Unlit And Winding Road
1-A3 Farther Than That
1-A4 Get Those Chemtrails Outta My Sky
1-A5 The Escalator That Spins Horizontally
1-B1 Disco Nights
1-B2 Gratefully There Were No Casualties
1-B3 The Squares Didn't See It Coming
1-B4 Volts With A Feeling (With Melody)
2-A1 Fraternizing With Sharks
2-A2 Greenish Sandy Area
2-A3 Spooky In The Pud
2-A4 What Knot
2-B1 2012 Catastrophy Survivors
2-B2 Groovin' And Spacin' To The Thing
2-B3 Haven't A Shoe To Hang From A Phone Line
2-B4 Hip Hop 2
3-A1 May The Blue Beam Of Happiness Shine On You
3-A2 Rehearsal Jam: 30 February
3-A3 Sugar Mama And Her Sticky Wickett
3-B1 Booker T. In Outer Space
3-B2 Raga In Henderson Estates
3-B3 She Was A Friend Of Judy's (A Tribute To Divine)
3-B4 Unused Blippy Chordy Sequence Thing
4-A1 Dredged Up In K
4-A2 Recover The Lost Before They Are
4-A3 Sugar Mama's Got A Boogie Up Her Booty
4-B1 Freezing Point Oxygen
4-B2 Restpoint Before The Meeting With The Mothership
4-B3 Sugar Mama's Panties Tear Easily
4-B4 The Clicks Are In The Mix


4 cassette box set housed in hand-painted wooden box with 20 page photo book. Hand numbered, only 9 made!
Tape 1 SALECa 007/1
Tape 2 SALECa 007/2
Tape 3 SALECa 007/3
Tape 4 SALECa 007/4

Note: if you check under "more images" you will note that this is recorded on a Maxell tape. Smilin' Asterisk/SALECa is a micro DIY label and is also on a micro DIY budget. therefore you will be recieving a "reused Maxell UD1" hand labeled cassette tape. The artwork is hand cut and lovingly placed into a "reused" plastic box. the photo of the cassette tape is an official photo. See www.smilinasterisk.com for more.