One Master ‎– Live In The Castle Of Quiet

No Visible Scars ‎– Scar 034
Cassette, Limited Edition


A1 The Destroyer (Parts 1 And II) 9:08
A2 A Cursed And Dismal Mind 8:20
A3 Intolerance 5:44
A4 Infernal Silence 7:22
B1 The Destroyer (Parts 1 And II) 9:08
B2 A Cursed And Dismal Mind 8:20
B3 Intolerance 5:44
B4 Infernal Silence 7:22


Mastered version of a live set recorded April 26, 2013 on WFMU radio program "My Castle Of Quiet". First release with new lineup, features two unreleased songs that will appear on a new full length. 100 copies dubbed onto white high-bias cassettes with black and white sticker facings. Pro printed cover. Program repeats on both sides.


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March 23, 2014
This is my very first introduction to the ferocious black attack that is One Master, and given that it’s a live, on air, performance and it’s this profound, deafening, and unwieldy? Now that says a lot about a band when they can completely intoxicate and demolish a listener over the airwaves like this, but the key to the bands overpowering presence is the seismic voltage of their riffs, and this is where they begin to truly reign. One Master take the first wave and early second wave of black metal Celtic Frost and Bathory influence, especially in the vocals and the overall vehemence of the band, along with the modern spirit of black metal, mixing in other flavors such as doom and creating a vortex of buzzing melody that’s as jagged as barbed wire whose cut feels as gentle and appealing as a fragrant plume of cindering Nag Champa incense.

I know that I say this in practically every review that I do, but I really do mean it when I say that something like this did literally whack me upside down and rattle me around a bit. From first listen and still right now, I’m completely hooked on this four song tape, recorded live from the WMFU broadcast of “My Castle of Quiet” on April 26, 2013. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience “My Castle Quiet” I’ll first inform you that it’s a weekly broadcast done by Wm. Berger, the mastermind behind the Prison Tatt label, and features some of the best sounds imaginable…maybe like a more subdued and kick back, underground version of John Peel (?). I’ll include the link below because: it’s free to stream live for the show and even check out/stream the archives of the shows; it’s an essential to play in the twilight hours; and he showcases stuff like this which gives snotty music nerd obsessives a chance to find killer new and old acts we’d never known about.

Love violent and throaty verbal bouts thrown at you as the thundering percussive roar of tens of thousands of iron stallions tear out of the mix thrusting toward you within inches of trampling you into dust, and is then suddenly clouded and slowed by a haze of vibrating distortion kicked up form beneath their death hungry hooves? Imagine the temperature of the song fluctuating between inferno and smoldering white hot ash to the angular disharmonies of doomy “bwwrrrmmmph” at a seconds notice, and going from standing still to be spun around at 180 MPH like you’re at the nucleus of wicked tornado and then suddenly being returned to stand still with no slow down. If you can imagine that then you can imagine One Master, and at least they won’t make you vomit and pass out for two days after the ride is over.

This tape features two, already released songs, and two new songs featuring a new/expanded line-up, and is an essential for crotchety old bin/crate digger like myself and really does possess a certain subliminal power that a produced, mastered, edited release sometimes does not.