Ontal ‎– Secret Thirteen Mix 064

Secret Thirteen Journal ‎– STJ 064
File, MP3, Compilation, Mixed, 320 kbps

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1.1 The Haters Iny 3
1.2 Russell Haswell A Horde Of Flies Feast On A Rotting Pheasant Carcass (Extract)
1.3 Anodyne (3) Empires Of Glass
Remix – Fausten (2)
1.4 Shapednoise Branches Of Utopian Or Dystopian
1.5 Woob Strange Air
1.6 Dome Keep It
1.7 Akira Rabelais 1440 Promp. Parv. 518/2 Wawyn, Or Waueryn, Yn A Myry Totyr, Oscillo.
1.8 Violetshaped Out Of Any Symmetry
1.9 Zoviet France Untitled
1.10 Professor Broxburn Flat Slab
1.11 Flash Resonance Ouragan Sur L’ Etna
1.12 Datach'i Event.Choke
1.13 Seefeel Gatha
1.14 Geir Jenssen Cho Oyu Basecamp-Morning
1.15 Joel Vandroogenbroeck Dark Plasma
1.16 Gescom Key Nell 3
1.17 Synapscape 7th Sect
1.18 Pan Sonic Vainamoisen Uni/Vainamoinen Dreams
1.19 Uniform When The Sun Turns To Numbers
Featuring – Alan Vega
1.20 Scorn Trondheim-Gavle
1.21 Zenith (6) Aura
1.22 Dadub Transfer
Featuring – King Cannibal
1.23 Venetian Snares If I Could Say I Love You
1.24 Emptyset Collapse
1.25 Autechre Rettic Ac
1.26 Autechre Gantz Graf
1.27 Jeff Mills Free Thinkers
1.28 Ben Frost The Carpathians
1.29 Milanese One Eye
1.30 Withering Zithering Recombinant Organism
1.31 Loscil Still Upon The Ocean Floor
1.32 Chris Watson Gahlitzerstrom
1.33 Boards Of Canada Pete Standing Alone
1.34 LFO Them
1.35 ADMX-71 South 4st Connection
1.36 Converter Drain
1.37 The Human League Future Religion
1.38 Bitstream Psalm Twenty Two
1.39 Carter Tutti Void V4 Studio (Slap 1)
1.40 Demdike Stare Nuance
1.41 Imaginary Forces (2) And I Should Live In The Anxiety Of Not Knowing
1.42 Jack Dangers Available Memory
1.43 Funkstörung Untitled
1.44 Alan Lamb Last Anzac
1.45 Hecker Protog-Eepp-Forma-Quack
1.46 African Head Charge Belinda
1.47 Exocet (4) Sensitive Size
1.48 Hallucinator Rocket
1.49 Ugandan Methods Imperium
1.50 Ontal Foray
1.51 Louis and Bebe Barron Battle With The Invisible Monster
1.52 Phalangius Scotland Yard Tea Break
1.53 Orphx Wound Profile
1.54 Hecq Come Home
1.55 Aidan Baker Pretending To Be Fearless
1.56 Various Artists (3) Modulo 8.5 By Monolake
Remix – Monolake
1.57 Project Arctic Third Pole
1.58 Richard Devine Float
1.59 Jochem Paap Dx-Snth



Length: 1:57:21

Track 9 is from "Zoviet France ‎– Mohnomishe" album
Track 43 is from "Funkstörung - Acid Planet 13" album.



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April 16, 2013

“Secret Thirteen Mix 064” is a systematic and dynamic music selection that fuses 59 magnetic records released between 1980 and 2013. This compilation contains timeless production by such striking artists as Autechre, Orphx, Emptyset, Demdike Stare, Aidan Baker, Shapednoise, Ugandan Methods, Zoviet France and other stylistically related talents.

The authors of the mix are Boris Noiz and Darko Kolar, Serbian electronic music producers and DJs, known as Ontal. Formed in 2011, the duo started to explore energetic, subtly harsh and obscure sound trajectories related to techno and industrial music styles, however Ontal formers are not newbies in the music scene. Noiz is productively releasing his solo works and runs a Lost In The Sound project, while Kolar has recently started his new imprint Unknown Structures. The great enthusiasm and subtle diversity in their works started to glow in the vast techno scene. Ontal remix for Fausten was recently released by Ad Noiseam, also they have recorded a few strictly rhythmic mixes for Mantis Radio and Subsekt audio platforms. Ontal has upcoming releases such as “Output EP” on Darkfloor and records on a promising Violet Poison label later this year. Ontal has performed in such notable events and festivals such as Exit Festival, Fondation Sonore, Naherholung Sternchen and more. These guys are definitely worth your attention as they got youthful maximalism, a lot of production coming out and a bunch of hidden gems to share.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 064” is a flexible and gradually expanding mix that mirrors the mobility, consistency and longevity of selected music. Mix was created by using multiple format records (vinyl, CD, cassette and mp3/wav) from the part of Ontal’s music library that influenced their sound and life. The developing of music is carefully thoughtful and accurate that can catch attention of every listener from the very first minute. It is more like a sound collage as many tracks beautifully unfolds while they are precisely mixed in a deliberate sequence. This type of layering creates new formations and consonances that generate diverse compositions sounding in another conceptual perspective. This mix could be related to musical styles such as IDM, techno, experimental, ambient. The basis of the mix stands on the skillfully and architecturally constructed and deformed beats, noisy and abyssal bass lines, mathematical synth patterns. Dexterous electronic modulation collisions with vigorous, compelling rhythmical matrix and spacious ambiance create a dimensional listening experience. High-quality, innovative and in some parts improvisational sound synthesis reflects Ontal’s view to their own measured production, its expression and perfection.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 064” is like a resistant Bruce Nauman contemporary lithograph “No” where emotive and irregular brush strokes antagonise or disorient. It is a refusal to offer solace or affirmation to the viewer who is looking only for fashion and temporary beauty. Ontal’s mix shows their tandem allegiance to different times production, their view to the work and responsibility, balanced musical taste that touches and inspires.