Oral Climax ‎– Nauseanoisea

Not On Label ‎– none
Cassette, Single Sided


A1 Autostrangulation In Merde
A2 Phrenopathia
A3 Eventration From Throat
A4 Corporrhexis
A5 Shit Struck Brain
A6 Culta
A7 Prolapsus Cerebri...
A8 Pyaemia Throught Pyophysometria
A9 Still Defecating Corpse
A10 Man In Vivarum
A11 Womit The Excrement
A12 Human Of Stelechus
A13 Ooooh My Vomitus Niger
A14 Thrash Of Flesh
A15 Total Phtasis
A16 Omophagia
A17 Extreme V'sh To Shit
A18 Pyoconditioner
A19 Words Per Anum
A20 With Your Balls Across The Scythe
A21 Phaiaigia Und Proctalgia
A22 Totomania Phonomania
A23 Fluxux Alvinus
A24 Sedes Cruentae
A25 Corpolalia
A26 Obstibatio
A27 Helminthemesis
A28 Chromodacryorrhea
A29 Urclagnia
A30 Pyemesis
A31 Garrote
A32 Nauseanoisea
A33 Evolution Of Devolution
A34 Pseudohermaphroditism
A35 Strecoma
A36 Carrionconsumer
A37 Phtiremia
A38 Moria
A39 Dead Snout
A40 Laxatio
A41 Pyophoritis
A42 Point Douloureux
A43 Cito Citissimo I Rot
A44 Canker
A45 Autemesia
A46 Ophoroma Chancre
A47 Medicaster
A48 Scybalum In Encephalum
A49 Sarcoma...
A50 Shit Of Decomposed
A51 Pollution Through Amputation
A52 Satyriasis
A53 Drowned In Gastric Juice
A54 Restraines Syphilisation
A55 Retractor
A56 Paralysis Progresiv Obstretrica
A57 Sveet Lientriated Meat
A58 Dead Down
A59 Boiling Innard Farce
A60 Neurophonia
A61 Carrionjelly
A62 Works Of Furrier
A63 Cephalaemia
A64 Sanguisuction Pump
A65 Eat Yourself
A66 Perforation Of Cerebration
A67 Feel You Amputated Limbs
A68 Promis Cuitas Of Syphilitic Pygomelus
A69 Suture Of Stomach And Rectum
A70 Bromomenorrhage
A71 Covered WIth Aciddung
A72 Drying Ulcerous Fecalia
A73 Sweat The Excrement
A74 Sarcophagia Carnaria
A75 Steatorrhoe
A76 Seminivus Pollution Diurnia
A77 ... Press Out The Stercus
A78 Kill The Fucking Soviets
A79 Nothing Else But Sedes
A80 Expectorate Your Schewed Genitals
A81 Maturation Of Dung
A82 Steaming Copros
A83 Shit Out The Bowels
A84 Streptococcus Faecalis
A85 Cruentaephidrosis
A86 Stercoralis Fecalis
A87 Press Out Your Stercus
A88 Poly Menorrhoea
A89 Smell Of State
A90 Tantrum
A91 ... Seropositivo Signa Mortis
A92 Anal Termophagia
A93 Sensation Interna Of Skalpel
A94 Tenesmus Ani...
A95 Purulent Pubex Pulex
A96 Kakergasia
A97 Benilis Taphophilia
A98 Points Apophysaires
A99 Irascibilitas
A100 Penis Invagination
A101 Panphagia
A102 Noma Pudendum
A103 Cerebral Hernia
A104 Urens Ureicosis
A105 Uraroma
A106 Kro-Kro
A107 Paedicatio Mallerumic Paedatrophia
A108 Ovariorrhexis
A109 Pantanencephalia
A110 Transfusion Of Pyuria
A111 6883 Times Reamputated Head
A112 6884 Times Reamputated Head
A113 6885 Times Reamputated Head
A114 6886 Times Reamputated Head
A115 6887 Times Reamputated Head
A116 6888 Times Reamputated Head
A117 6889 Times Reamputated Head
A118 6890 Times Reamputated Head
A119 6891 Times Reamputated Head
A120 6892 Times Reamputated Head
A121 6893 Times Reamputated Head
A122 6894 Times Reamputated Head
A123 Janicepsic Oral Intestinal Act
A124 Comprehensive Eterorexis
A125 Des Curry Flay Skin Section
A126 Sadistic Transplantation
A127 Cancer Dust
A128 Outro