Oranjjoolius ‎– Oranjjoolius + Live In Reno

Cleopatra ‎– CLO0215CD
2 × CD


1-01 Broken Rider
1-02 Zorro
1-03 Escape From Rum Island
1-04 Pop A Wheelie
1-05 16 Million Candles
1-06 Change My Life
1-07 Tiki Sleep Cycle
1-08 R.I.P.
1-09 Chasin’ Me Down
1-10 Is There Only One Horse?
1-11 Point Broke
1-12 Roll Tide
Bonus CD: Live In Reno
2-01 The Big Medley
2-02 Istanbul
2-03 Lilian
2-04 The Little Medley
2-05 Baritone Jam


Original Description:

One of L.A.’s best kept secrets is about to blow up – a trio of musical powerhouses who met at Berklee School of Music, conquered the NY music scene, and then relocated to the west coast to form an alien surf punk band!

The album boasts an array of styles careening from grandiose rock to Dick Dale-esque surf to electro punk – all blended together in perfect chaotic harmony, and packaged here with a full-length live concert bonus disc!

Guest performers include Kishi Bashi (Of Montreal, Jupiter One) and world renowned theremin player Armen Ra!

The group’s hugely energetic live performances have become legendary in LA!