Oscar Mulero ‎– About Discipline And Education

So Dens ‎– SD005 CD
Mixto – MIXTO-01
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Compiled & mixed in Madrid, January 1998.
Total time: 71:21


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August 14, 2013
edited over 5 years ago
Extracted from the Cd Mix:
Oscar Mulero is one of the best-known techno Dj's in Spain.His direct, linear style is reflected on this mix, sharpened to perfection. With his virtuoso technique, Oscar reaches the world's best techno spectrum, managing to get an ideally planned and performed compact set. Metallic and tribal rhythms from the most famous producers (Mills, Surgeon,...), little underground classics (Beltram, Kevin Saunderson, Armani,...), and new but promising labels (Blueprint, Downwards, E-Com,...). A mirror of the techno generation.


September 13, 2010

This mix is absolutely nothing short of amazing. Period! For people who were heavily into techno during the mid to end nineties, just one look at the tracklist will get their hearts heavily pounding. As many other of his regularly released mixes, Mulero is heavily influenced by Tresor records, and if not that, then most of his DJ case is filled with Axis releases.
Not to be confused though, despite the fact Surgeon and Jeff Mills occupy 50% of this mix, if you have any knowledge of techno music whatsoever, you'll be glad they do, as mr. Mulero pulls their finest cuts, which rocked too many a dance floor to count over a decade ago, and flawlessly mixes them into one coherent journey.
If you were around at the time, you'll have a trip down memory lane like few other, and if you werent't, give it an extra careful listen, as you might finally realize why was it so much easier to get into techno during the nineties than now. Wanna know why? Notice how there are no bleak, feeble and monotonous minimal patterns here? Click clack tracks are completely absent, not a single tune has two sound effects on repeat for five minutes, and a bunch of irrelevant geeks trying to explain how that is the future? Right, if you want to go back to the glorious days when such a scenario seemed like science fiction - then this is what you should be holding in your hands, or better yet, placing in your stereo.
Mulero pulls a new killer cut ever 2-3 minutes and takes the best out of it. Absolutely amazing!
Not for the weaklings and fans of state of the present electro clash, minimal glitcy tech whatever you call it, but for the rest of us, given you can find it, this is each bit as compulsory as Tanaka's and Jeff Mills's highly venerated mix-ups!