Oscar Rocchi Piano & Orchestra* ‎– Ladies

Ring ‎– RLP 505
Vinyl, LP

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A1 Ambra
Written-By – Rocchi*
A2 Amaranta
Written-By – Rocchi*, Raspani*
A3 Cindy
Written-By – Rocchi*
A4 Ingrid
Written-By – Rocchi*
A5 Giselle
Written-By – Oscar Rocchi, Raspani*
A6 Jane
Written-By – Oscar Rocchi
B1 Sarah
Written-By – Grande*, Rocchi*
B2 Helen
Written-By – Rocchi*
B3 Sharon
Written-By – Rocchi*
B4 Geraldine
Written-By – Rocchi*, Raspani*
B5 Giada
Written-By – Rocchi*, Raspani*
B6 Lisbeth
Written-By – Rocchi*, Raspani*

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August 13, 2014
edited over 3 years ago

In the midst of Summer i would'nt miss to check this Library Lp, with a big L as first letter as this record is supa, for production details and sessions musicians high skills, above all the bass wich is abvsolutely gorgeous and put up front in the mix.
But we have here not just the disco flavoured italian 80's style, but "Ladies" is full of some very intimate dramatic melancoholic melodies wich easily would fit a film or even a sensitive listening pleasure at resting.Some of the tracks really got me inside a very "spleen" state of that kind of meditative sadness wich is greatly enhanced by every single perfect note in the music.

So what about the musicians here?
I'm sure to rightly guess the main line up is the one wich Edizioni Minstrel has builded up his professional rooster and filled many other libraies records, better signaled under the name "Modern Sound Quartet" and their tight and steady distinctive sound.
First among all,and it is hard to not to notice, overcoming too the wounderful mellow work here by the S.Cecilia Strings Orchestra, is "The Bass" and the Bass Player.
Infact Gigi Cappellottos' suggestive playing (particularly in this Lp) is ABSOLUTELY off the ground, delivering a strong circular and pointillistic singing bass sound , one of the best Sound+Player i have evr come across in my 20 yers of music listening.So what !
Maybe is the dramatic ingredient of the tracks but here the bass melodies are purely physical pleasure.
This "all wide all round direction" bass playing is totally remarkable because as his playing style do appear in other Ed.Minstrel lps's like "Floreama", "Erbe Selvatiche", but even more in the libraries related to Fabio Fabor and Arena.
But again in this library he adds so much to the tracks like being "a solo" bass voicing and the overrall music is totally absorbed by this sensual/sensitive touch and deep skill who incredibly is a totally "must hear", where amazingly these wisphering lows are widely resembling a jumping circular shape wich add meat to every parallel melody and total harmony, with that superb "circular sound" every bassist would achieve to obtain from his ampli, a mid way between contrabass and electronic bass, with a bit hand played touch softness wich retain a manuality fused with movement wich in its steadiness marks every best music steps.
The wonderful production sound obtained at Barigozzi's Cinemusic makes this Library a true gem for 3 things: music craftmanship, musical drama ambient and overrall highly suggestive mood.
The bass layers do play a preminent /eminent first role into this music, seeming to be an alone identity wandering through the tracks' sound space, a softly balance the honey & spleeny taste of the marvellous strings ensemble provided by the only and best ever S.Cecilia from Roma.
Together they totally cover the sound spectrum to the extremes leaving the mid to the same soothing fast piano arpeggios and acoustic guitar, wich merit a chapter aside for his incredible magic intrusion.
For example in one track it just comes in with that crispy sound and the magic fully goes up!
I really do not know where the musicians mind was..... but they achieved some really high quality standard for a simple library music, it would have been an amazing Italian "strappalacrime" drama OST.
I think Oscar Rocchi here was really high into his idea of being inspired...the piano and all electronic keyboards to add a superlative fast array of shining notes..... .
But let's see the rest.

For the percussive side, the Surdi drumming is the equal other ingredient wich near touch the perfection of keyboard and piano by Rocchi: this has the best overral result, topped with some "ahead -on" electronic effects wich raises up all the emotional degree of music.
The drums is thin where needs and steady fast where it has to adds up, it do let thing sgoing on and then it makes the best coming up with his multiple "rullato" passages.Jazzy and precise and heavy where needed.
The piano is touching, really.... with a top fast fingering work and the flowing arpeggios it follows the emotional degree at very increasing rate with the role of topping everyhthing with strong remarkable emotions .

So this music here, building up with the above mentioned session palyers craftmanship, do suggest a pleasant relaxant mood for quietness but its best influences can be obtained when there is raining weather outside in Autumn evening, when the tracklisting order for each side can oppose a totally heart warming and lovingly performance for Summer drunky bright nights.
The fastest tracks ,"Sharon" "Jane" "Giada" "Cindy", are purposely put in the tracklisting for a balanced listening pleasure step after step, meanwhile other tracks are deeply evolving a same kind of song formula, where a central melody is easily treated with enough creativity to let the musicians evolve their approach retaining the main idea of the primary instrument here, the keyboard and piano enriched by the bass and strings.
One parallel group of evolving sound layers, is the one wich comprises the synthesizer, one acoustic guitar, and the string orchestra, they put every emotional bit to their maximum stretching possibilty, adding a special effects just there where it need, and in this record there's no one single moment wich is not filled with alternate moviments wich raise up a omni-comprhensive unity purpose of harmony represented by the use of each instrument.
For example when listening to the fresh season happiness of "Geraldine" the acoustic guitar is absolutely here to fill the rhythm and the same point is appropriate in the thoughtful deepness of "Ambra" and the epocal sense of drama in "Lisbeth" and the loving atmosphere of "Sarah".
The electric guitar instead with his fuzzy licky effected wackiness is primary in the spacey percussive "Sharon" to sustain the abstract speeding of piano arpeggios and bass and drum tight beat.
The acoustic guitar makes his entry in absoult color manner and bright timbre.
In "Jane" the perfect disco style fastness shows the never boring distinctive part of the bass, wich is alterning on high and low frets meanwhile the piano is snoozing out some long percussive array of keys, all fused in one efficient emotive sonic ambient.

So where it has gone the best modern easy listening of the eighties wich wouldn't appear in the pop radios?
It is here, always relaxant and pleasant, luscious and attractive as fascinant as young ladies are.
Depicted in the cover with a sensual "bleue", these international female names do reports a bunch of seductive ideas and do suggest Italian female names equally for the attentive listener.
Hard to skip in the mind that last track last resonating bass note...epic and crazy...absurd and figurative....cinematic and emotive.... .For such an achievement i bet the players where in a SUCH BLU MOOD !

Neither I have found elsewhere in some other libraries sucha quality put into production studio sound plus at the same time combined with the sensitive "aural aspect" of music that is able to deliver so strong dramatic emotions, in a really imaginative way, totally suppressing the background purpose of music
So, believe me, this remains a "Unique, Totally Worth Library", with many future listening for little chosen emotional moments (mostly when it rains down, it works so fine!), when we want strongly enhance our mood in our memory for "historic" moments of our lives.

So when Libraries Lps sometimes do overcome the pure "back track" purpose, here it is a surprising "something" for your $oul, wich will enhance and soothe your spleen, and the film is YOUrs.

Ecco...grab a listen...the season is cold and soul have to be warm to express


thanks to Giada.... Grata