Oscar der Winzige ‎– "The Ability to Talk"

The Sameheads C60 Series ‎– SC60/011
Cassette, Limited Edition, Mixtape


Side A The Ability to Talk 30:00
Side B The Ability to talk 30:00


Release # 11 in the Sameheads C60 Tape series.

Oscar der Winzige "The Ability to Talk"

"All of the artifacts collected on this tape have been extracted from cassettes, and no other format. Some of the recordings are not for commercial sale, therefore we could be talking about the true meaning of underground music. The word underground has lost its meaning in recent years with all the internet platforms and all the information available, but in the 80's with cassette culture, ‘underground’ did have a sense.

I can say without fear, you cannot find these tracks on download platforms ... far from pretending to be original, the effect I offer here is a radio show, and when I think about radio, I think of a recording that has no musical direction, that is neutral; leaves you free to clean your house, talk or do what you want ... but! if you pay attention, if you choose to listen to it, then here, you have a rich world where you can immerse yourself.

The result is a tape oriented more to summer than winter, an attempt to approach the serious music with a good degree of humor, instrumentation sometimes cheap ideal to drive your car with one hand on your girlfriend's or boyfriend's leg, and the other resting on the window. But be careful! Unfortunately, it is only an hour. I would have liked to have been more free and even boring at times, that would have the purest effect ... I could play these types of tracks for hours and as they are not full of emotions, they do not tire me, I hope.

Thanks to Sameheads, for giving me this opportunity to express my feelings on this C60."

Recorded at: S.O.G
Art cover: Jesús mendoza