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Digital editing and mastering @ SpaceCat Studio.
Ayahuasca Shaman by Marcos, Sweden.
Artwork and design @ Rangoon.


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April 22, 2010
edited over 8 years ago

In the late 90’s a Makus character from Ukraine of astronomical magic ventured into the world of psychedelic trance with that extra passion in the spikadelika. In 2006 a match made in the cosmos where to be born as Makus and his beloved Dana Do formed what would become, Overdream. Overdream is a beautiful collaboration between two souls, two lovers of two planets (Mars and Venus). This is a celebration of two people with a passion for the psychedelic and a curiosity for the trance and the magic of holy dance. With a shamanic approval and Avatar Records interest, they finally in 2008 released their mighty debut of wonder and wise. This is their jungle, their flair, their power and stare. This is their baby, their musical journey, their fantasy in shamanism and colours that shine. Join me as we venture through nine compassions in an almost hectic suit.

Recommendation: Overdream uses a lot of the same tricks or builds in the tracks of Wonderwise, with the track-introduction where it swirls the beat manifestations up to a clearer view only to continue to a point where the whole track has swirling twisters playing with the sounds spinning them around in every angle possible to imagine to a breathtaking climax where all sense of self seems lost and colours totally emerges in hefty emotions to sensational behaviors. And yeah, they manage to create a wonderful trance like state, it’s nothing to miss!

Would also like to mention that I really like the voice of Makus (?) like in the second track. His effective voice-effect is spread around the album and it puts some personal charm to the whole pack. I love and absolutely dig all the tracks though some for, um, more commercial reasons because they (like the ninth track) stand more out with catching melodies and/or effective twists for the mental fist. Then again, we all know how tracks like these are the tracks you get fastest tired of only to make you realize how powerful that other track you really didn’t notice actually is in its more subliminal manner; If you know what I mean... All in all, want something special, fun, energy driven and totally shamanic in its fluorescence paint, go get this release, it should wow you because it for sure managed to Wow me then and still does so today.

And yes, the artwork is sooooooo nice, and it suits the music soooooo nice!!
Super duper work, Marcos and Rangoon :)

Some keywords: Uplifting, magical, trance inducing to the max with trippy snax, exiting and shamanistic in junglistic fluorescence. Exhilarating, all tracks is about the build, the layers and the Overdream melodies and power.

e. 28/12-2010 : This release deserves a higher score. This is a gem and I will always be truly happy to have this in my collection. Man does it fly high while kicking ass, hard! :D Ba-bOm!! Such beautiful flow and intense flight these tracks induce!

6.9/7 - Which is a very sexy score!


January 19, 2010
edited over 9 years ago
Darkpsy. To be honest, I hate it. At least 90% of it. It's just really empty music, soulless and often so "evil" it's laughable. People arrange parties with 12 hours of constant confusing noises, ridiculously dark basslines and a tempo more related to gabber than to trance. I definately have had some amazing moments on a dark dancefloor, but say 2-3 hours/night is enough. You need balance, yin and yang.
But there's some 10% that I definately dig. And that's the kind of darkpsy that has intentions more sophisticated than just to scare you (because scary music is obviously very is easy to produce, just look how many talentless darkpsy-producers there are out there). Because when darkpsy is produced in a certain way it really is extremely entrancing. The surreal atmospheres, the spacey effects and the monotone beats and basslines puts you in a certain mood on the dancefloor. There's no fooling around, it is serious. You are there to get in touch with another reality...

Overdream amazed me with their totally spaced out track on the compilation Moon Station. Although it's not a song I listen to everyday, it's simply too much of a mind melter, I often put it on when I really want to get deeply lost in the music. So when I discovered that they had released this album, that also, strangely enough, has a picture of a friend of mine from Stockholm on the cover art, I didn't think for many seconds before I ordered it.

I didn't really know what to expect. It had good grades here on discogs, but still...
Well, the first track set the standard. This is exactly the kind of "darkpsy" I like. Well-structured, intelligent fx, melodies (!) and crystal clear production.
And it just gets better, tracks like Sunrise Mind Trick, Mista Twista, Sacrosant Toucan and especially Extraterrestial Travellers are outstanding. The last mentioned track is such a massive tune, you have to hear it!

The theme for this album is IMO "spiritual" (pretentious, yes, but imagine hearing this on a spaced out dancefloor in the peak hours), just look at the cover art (which was kinda ruined for me, but in a funny way ;)). Very deep and serious night time music, but still soulful and emotional. Perfectly balanced, and I really hope that this album opens up the door for producers, dj's and listeners alike: "dark" does NOT equal "scary", darkpsy CAN actually be emotional!

Three thumbs up!