Overseas Highway ‎– Prism Of Soul

Not On Label ‎– JJL 1
Vinyl, LP, 350 copies micro numbered press housed in 2 different killer psych covers


A1 Inner Trance 2:00
A2 Bats Around My Throne 4:15
A3 Outside Yourself 2:53
A4 Tim Octag Prelude 0:37
A5 Topaz (Early Version) 1:23
A6 With The Scars In Heaven 0:47
A7 Incandescent Minds 2:00
A8 A Sun Going Down 2:57
A9 Within (Part 2) 0:32
A10 Threading Time 2:33
A11 Cicle Of Dreams 1:11
B1 Dancing In The Pyramid 4:38
B2 Spirit In The Attic 2:06
B3 Psychedelic Train 2:47
B4 Space Jam Prelude 1:00
B5 Eye In The Sun 1:27
B6 In Your Mind 3:34
B7 Something Floating Into My Time 2:00
B8 Prsim Of Soul 3:34


Jim Dean, Johnny King and Lenny Perez of Overseas Highway went in the late 90's into their vaults and pulled out some of the most stunning garage psych I've heard in years. Crude weedburning udnderground Stream of consciousnes chemically influenced jams circa 1970-71 that ebb and flow like river of molten lava. Way different thta the demo CD of the same name with different tracks and ordering to create a seamless trip from start to finish. If they had use more of this material on an original 70's LP, that sucker would be going for $1.000+++ now! I don't know how they did it, but this is also some of the best (reading natural) sound quality I've heard from a "reissue" in the llast 10 years. Somebody got good ears.

Micro numbered press housed in 2 different killer psych covers.
200 pressed in psych art cover
150 pressed in with a colored band photo cover (this one)