Oxygenfad ‎– Primetime Hotdogs

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CDr, Album, Limited Edition
DVDr, NTSC, Limited Edition


CDr.1 Mothers Baby 4:14
CDr.2 Pig Money 2:59
CDr.3 Kill Your Boss And Run Amok 4:19
CDr.4 One Giant Leap For Mankind 3:39
CDr.5 Meet Your Meat Pt. 1 2:51
CDr.6 Diego Leonardo McLeod 7:35
CDr.7 Sonni Chiba Playing The Electric Guitar 4:27
CDr.8 1 Minute VST Critique 0:55
CDr.9 Dolemite 5:34
CDr.10 A Few Hundred Years After We're Dead 1:07
CDr.11 Meet Your Meat Pt. 2 3:41
CDr.12 Milk 2:42
CDr.13 Episode 1: Breaking Free Of Mind Control 2:11
CDr.14 Episode 2: Too Soft For Change 1:34
CDr.15 Episode 3: Fight The Power 3:25
CDr.16 Ted Turner Raver Pants 3:28
CDr.17 Watermelon Waterslide 2:56
CDr.18 Napping After Fapping 2:08
CDr.19 Do What You Are Told 0:59
CDr.20 Ex Roomate Simulation 1:51
CDr.21 Hotdogs Made Of Robot 3:13
CDr.22 Sidewalk Snakes 3:57
CDr.23 Computerized Rock 3:29
CDr.24 Leave Me The Fuck Alone 1:28
CDr.25 My New Blipfest Friends 5:01
DVDr.1 Dolomite Music 5:34
DVDr.2 Find Your Own Identity 2:36
DVDr.3 Meet Your Meat 12:42
DVDr.4 KFC 1:48
DVDr.5 Circus 10:04
DVDr.6 Luc Playing The Guitar 1:07
DVDr.7 Nirvana 0:59
DVDr.8 Killa Sound Boi 0:32
DVDr.9 Moncton 1:31
DVDr.10 City 0:02
DVDr.11 Ulga 1:00
DVDr.12 I'm On A Train 1:06
DVDr.13 Chewy 1:12
DVDr.14 The Ghetto Pimps 0:58
DVDr.15 Jeffs Creation 1:05
DVDr.16 Commodore 64 Pt. 1 1:08
DVDr.17 Commodore 64 Pt. 2 0:39
DVDr.18 Tracking 0:32
DVDr.19 Hidden 21:22


This release was limited to 30 copies and sent to people around the world. They were allowed to do whatever they wanted with it.<br><br>

On the back of the cover it says "No warez was used in the creation of this product."<br><br>

The DVDr contains a few music videos but also footage from PETA videos.