OysterBlackBox ‎– Oy Urchins

Floating Forest Records ‎– #FF0011
CDr, Album, Stereo
17 × File, WAV, Album, Stereo


1 Oy Blubber 01:20
2 HaeNyeo Pearls 05:55
3 Kino Pearls 05:57
4 The OysterBlackBox 04:25
5 Anthopogenic Sound In Marine Ecosystem 06:56
6 Beluga Whale 00:58
7 Acquarium 02:11
8 Corals Gambler 04:04
9 Lips And Jewels 07:06
10 Average Depth 03:17
11 Maximum Depth 05:50
12 Atollo 04:00
13 Walrus Ivory 03:16
14 The Sharp Pearl 01:53
15 Megattera Oscillators 02:58
16 Apnea 01:20
17 Narwhal 00:43



"Cetaceans have a vital role in marine ecosystems. Due to their different species’ diverse ways of foraging, optimal evolutionary adaption and because of the massive and huge biomass consumption they have, the roles of cetaceans in different marine ecosystems is of great importance. Cetacean use of sound is the most efficient solution to the communicative and navigational difficulties in the water medium. Both hearing and sound producing is a highly developed sense in cetaceans, and is essential for their survival. Cetaceans along with all other marine mammals have evolved an ear that can hear wider hearing ranges than most terrestrial mammals. They have the fastest processing capability of all mammals regarding auditory and signal processing, and they use three times as many neurons to their hearing capacity than any other animal.” - Alice Edwall