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June 19, 2009
Forest Fusion , what kind of musical trip ? =>

Night Travelling, We've got an happy & bouncing tune in guise of opening for the album. There's some soft tones typical for rocking babies (this kinda of "carillon" also appears on track 8. Quite important to notice in the Ozmali's work, it's the important use of many samples: animals, movies, music, cries etc..

Serafijn Dansen Verboden => The bouncy side continues, this time with less melody than previously, the focus is based on the psychedelik soundscape.
With some patience you'll get the mischievous melody.

XXX => Interesting construction with a little by little evolution to its climax. The colouration is slightly colder & more dedicated for the night time. In terms of emotion, it reminds me something dancefloor, very living, intense & paradox, cold such as "Element - Coldcut", the psychedelik dimension added.

Martial Arts => The tones are harsher, sharp here. It's sounding repetitive, indeed too much for me, that's a pity :/
My main worry comes from the sounds, i don't find them particularly entertaining or easy to dig. The samples employed for the transition with next track are really fucking good & funny, i don't spoil more

Helios Rmx =>There are Funny old school music samples used which perfectly matches, integrates the tune, there's a special spirit that reminds me here some quite dancefloor &/or experimental productions from Eat Static (respectively City of Sin & Critical Mass).

Dancing with Daemons => The construction is common from Parvati's productions alike which means not very melodic, more based on a selection of sounds with appropriated effects, last but not least, a preponderant role of the bassline all along.

Petite Chevre => Ozmali offers a very atmospheric production based on a modified subtle loop of anthem from "Art of Trance - Kaleidoscope", at the end (7"24) Ozmali places also a twisted sample of kinda Beach Boys sound, once again funny.

Psiegedelies Kunstenaar => In the weirdo' meter, we're reaching the highest level of the album (especially for the congas break around 4"00), the soundscape is totally twisted, mad & falsely uncontrolled of course .
Many samples are used here conferring the tune its thickness.

Vaxac Kawak => We keep going with the same bassline as in previous track but up tuned, btw it's the whole song that results faster & punchier. Furthermore the global feeling is completely hypnotic.

Kata Rei => For the final, Ozmali has cooked a cinematographic influenced tune due to the massive presence of a long movie's music sample. That's a quite big change in term of musical emotion delivered, this one tends to be more oniric, magical nevertheless he keeps a fat psychedelik output through massive effects on bleeps,
sweeps & creeps

Sum up => There's an important point, i'd like to mention here: the order of the track listing. I advice to listen in the predefined order of the album due to a very slight mix between end & beginning of tracks. As a matter of optimized enjoyment, respecting this frame will increase your perception for the first listens. Of course after, free & up to everybody to choose & listen the tracks in any free order .

I made a quote-reference from a "retired" psy artist from the scene in my last description , that's not fortuitous : I consider Ozmali as a respectful successor of Weirdo Beardo, the style is not exactly the same but i've got the same nice & positive feelings while listening to their happy psychedelik & quite melodic colourful productions .

I just wish Ozmali to release some other inspired albums, as this debut is refreshing enough to hit the scene & make a name decently rated.

Climaxes: 3,5,7,8,10