Parazitózis ‎– Delicious Gory Pun

Twisted Truth Records ‎– TRUTH-050, Core Records (4) ‎– TRUTH-050
Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


A1 Infected With Cancerous Phlegm
A2 Spastic Pus Eruption From The Auditory Canals
A3 Nauseating Symptoms Of Delusional Parasitosis
A4 Severely Amputated From Society
A5 Scrotum As Incubation Womb For Carnivorous Maggots
A6 Mass Obliteration By Technological Superiority
A7 Gangre/nation
A8 An Advanced Society's Genetic Infections
A9 From Cancer To Ulcerous Conditions
A10 Devoured By The Megalopolis
A11 Sweet Scent Of Putrefaction
A12 Insecticide
A13 Endless Cycle Of Regurgitation
A14 Seedless Future
A15 Anacephalic Genious
A16 Fatal Penile Stimulation
A17 Exterminate The Filth Of Mankind
A18 Future Studies Of The Mysterious Case Of Human Erection Part 1
A19 Future Studies Of The Mysterious Case Of Human Erection Part 2
A20 Horrendous Stench Agitation
A21 Psychic Enmanglement
A22 Necrotic Pus Overflow
A23 Intro (Iching Becomes Burning)
A24 Excrutiation
A25 Pain
A26 Leftovers Of A Failed Genital Surgery
A27 Decomposing Planet
A28 Malignant Sarcom Prolapse
A29 Intoxicated By Mass Formalyn Consumption
A30 Intensified Internal Pain Caused By Multiple Symptoms Of Necrosis
A31 Offal Compost
A32 Future Degenerations
A33 Organoid Malfunctions (Flesh Implanted With Machinery)
A34 A Horrendous Case Of Oral Proctitis
A35 Kutyatamadas (Gyalazat Cover)
B1 Intro - Attacked By A Polimicrobal Carnivorous Infection
B2 Nomatic Symptoms Caused By Total Lack Of Hygenie
B3 Untitled
B4 Gross Stench Of Ulcerated Skin
B5 Choking On Pus
B6 Inopexic Sepsis
B7 Worms Emerging From The Cavities
B8 Disgustful Vomit Towards Human Species
B9 Hey Hyperemesis
B10 Streptococcal
B11 Embludgeoned Oef-fan
B12 Pyomyositic Pus Filled Abcess
B13 In Dire Need Of Surgery
B14 Bowel Sarcoma Aftermath
B15 Vascular Tissue Neoplasmosis
B16 Epithelioid Sarcoma-like Hemangioendothelioma
B17 Shithaired Douche
B18 Pancreatic Pains
B19 Peduncular Hallucinosis
B20 Critical Amputation Procedure
B21 Untitled
B22 Untitled
B23 Untitled
B24 Untitled
B25 Untitled
B26 Untitled
B27 Untitled
B28 Untitled
B29 Untitled
B30 Untitled
B31 Untitled
B32 Untitled
33 Untitled
B34 Untitled
B35 Untitled


Tracks 1-5 From "taste Of Medical Waste" Demo
Tracks 6-10 From Split With 30xx
Tracks 11-20 From Split With Meatus
Tracks 21-26 From Split With Metastasis
Tracks 27-35 From Split With Pyemesis
Tracks 36-46 From 6-way Split With Blue Holocaust, Hyperemesis, Metastasis, Oniku & Pulsating Celebral Slime
Tracks 47-52 From Split With Birth & Pulsating Celebral Slime
Tracks 53-56 From Split With Violent Gorge
Tracks 57-59 From Unreleased Songs From Split With Violent Gorge
Track 60 From "hey Beer Thrower" Ep
Tracks 61-71 Unreleased Songs

Limited to 60 copies.