Pashai ‎– Afghanistan: Songs Of The Pashai



"Nowhere On Earth Is There A Man As False And Lying As Thou..." 4:27
"I Beseech You, Do Not Spend Your Life In The House Of This Niggard..." 2:24
"Suddenly She Appeared Before Me..." 3:40
"In Praise Of Artisans" 7:51
Dance Tune 1:58
"Early In The Morning, My Sweet Friend, I Was Sitting By The Hearth..." 2:45
"One Day I Offered Her Sweet-Meats..." 2:36
"Without Thee I Cannot Be In Health..." 3:58
"From Whom Shall I Have News Of You..." 3:17
"By The River You Appeared To Me..." 3:28
"You Have Broken Me Into A Thousand Pieces..." 3:20
"One Day You Made A Little Gesture To Me..." 2:32
"I Know It: Your Heart Is Full..." 2:58