Patrick Doyle ‎– Hamlet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)



In Pace 3:07
Fanfare 0:48
"All That Lives Must Die" 2:40
"To Thine Own Self Be True" 3:04
The Ghost 9:55
"Give Me Up The Truth" 1:05
"What A Piece Of Work Is A Man" 1:50
"What Players Are They" 1:33
"Out Out Thou Strumpet Fortune" 3:11
"To Be Or Not To Be" 1:53
"I Loved You Once" 3:27
"Oh, What A Noble Mind" 2:41
"If Once A Widow" 3:36
"Now Could I Drink Hot Blood" 6:57
"A Foolish Prating Nave" 1:05
"Oh Heavy Deed" 0:56
"Oh Here They Come" 4:39
"My Thoughts Be Bloody" 2:52
"The Doors Are Broke" 1:20
"And Will 'A Not Come Again?" 1:59
"Alas Poor Yorick" 2:49
"Sweets To The Sweet - Farewell" 4:39
"Give Me Your Pardon Sir" 1:24
"Part Them They Are Incensed" 1:47
"Goodnight, Sweet Prince" 3:36
"Go Bid The Soldiers Shoot" 2:52