Patrick Tregaskin ‎– Patskin Pack Episode 1

16 × File, MP3, VBR


1 Intro 0:41
2 Staz 3:08
3 Dr Dinsync 4:25
4 Communicon 4:27
5 Luke Vibert 4:12
6 Wagon Christ 3:40
7 Interlude 1:58
8 Nofold 3:49
9 Ganja 4:52
10 Benefit Of The Boomerang 3:21
11 Iua 3:07
12 Linndrum Larry Cocopipe 4:02
13 F-Trooper 3:53
14 Ganja Priest 3:58
15 Outro 1:33
16 The Seneschal Arrives 2:08


Only released on his blog

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September 10, 2014
This is aphex twin


March 7, 2014
Track 7, Interlude, contains parts of Boards of Canada "Iraq Says" track, from the A Few Old Tunes Vol.2 "release". Confusing...


January 14, 2013
edited over 4 years ago

This gem here is one of my most valued from the decade in IDM. And it was never released, consider yourself lucky by stumbling upon this. I don't care who is behind it, some super producer or just the guy in the basement next door (you can certainly hear skill and production value) it's from someone who had a lot of fun creating this music.
I won't go into detail, i don't do that particulary well, but: keyboard tracks with vocals, guts twiggling sinthy-skits, melody heavy harmonic braindance godness... and a robotvoice that guides you through a very complete album experience from start to finish? really? can it get any better?

I don't think we will see a "Patskin Pack Episode 2" as it was promised in his blog. I think it was intended from the start to encourage music lovers to do their own work, regardless of style or taste. We all whitnessed a clearly talented musician, who promised to release more asap but always delays it to sit down and get something done. and so he and others miss out on this totally different side of live, the creation process.

Sit down, make the stuff that you like. That's what this album sounds like, and what the creation of "Patrick Tregaskin" wants to tell us.

Tip: If you follow the youtube link of linndrumm larry cocopipe, you can find another mirror, since the one on his site is down quite a while.