Paul Leonard Morgan ‎– Legendary

Kronos Records ‎– KRONCD047


1 Bear Chase 3:09
2 Walk To The Forest 3:42
3 Fun At The Morgue 2:38
4 Waiting At Night 2:33
5 Chasing The Myth 3:43
6 It's Not Your Fault 2:36
7 Trashing The Pier 1:15
8 Travis Story 2:42
9 Attack At The Site 1:01
10 You Were All Brave 1:34
11 Night Boat Attack 3:05
12 Breaking In 2:11
13 Breaking Out 2:32
14 Piecing It Together 2:42
15 Search For The Cave 4:22
16 The Creature's Lair 7:29
17 Fighting The Beast 8:54
18 Safety 1:53



MovieScore Media and Kronos Records presents the score for the Oriental-flavored action / adventure score for Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon, directed by Eric Styles. The film follows the story of Travis Preston (Scott Adkins) who travels to China in order to find a mystical beast wreaking havoc in a remote village. Their search is made all the more impossible by the fact that they have to find the cave the dragon is lurking in, but they must also beat the hardened bounty hunter Harker (Dolph Lundgren) who has his own agenda for killing the monster. This score will have a digital and a physical release as well.

The score is provided by BAFTA winning, Ivor Novello nominated composer Paul Leonard-Morgan who is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after film composers in the UK and the US. His most important credits include Neil Burger's Limitless and Pete Travis' Dredd, a gritty reboot of the classic comic book character. Most recently Paul recently scored the action thriller The Numbers Station and the animated family adventure Walking with Dinosaurs 3D where he tackled the task of underscoring the adventures of some real-life monsters instead of the fictional ones in Legendary.

"There are two main 'vibes' at play in this film - the fun and the scary" explains the composer about the score. "I wanted to write a tongue-in-cheek caper movie melody for the fun/searching for clues side of things. This approach can be found in tracks like 'Fun at the Morgue' and 'Breaking Out'. It's a fun string riff which is doubled on wind in places with a light percussive touch below it. For the scary stuff, which would signify the monster's presence each time, I recorded a low horn, detuned it and then bent its pitchfor a creepy low brass sound ("Attack at the Site"). The music was recorded in Glasgow and features the performances of violinist Greg Lawson and vocalist Cariss Crosbie