Paul McCartney ‎– Press To Play Sessions

Misterclaudel ‎– mccd-382/383/384/385
3 × CD, Unofficial Release
DVD, Unofficial Release


CD1-1 Stranglehold (Rough Mix 1)
CD1-2 Stranglehold (Rough Mix 2)
CD1-3 Stranglehold (Rough Mix 3)
CD1-4 Stranglehold (Rough Mix 4)
CD1-5 Good Times Coming (Rough Mix - Complete Version)
CD1-6 Talk More Talk (Rough Mix)
CD1-7 Talk More Talk (Rough Mix With Alternate Edit)
CD1-8 Talk More Talk (Remix 12")
CD1-9 Footprints (Alternate Take - Rough Mix)
CD1-10 Only Love Remains (Single Remix)
CD1-11 Only Love Remains (Royal Variety Show, London, UK - Nov 24. 1986)
CD1-12 Only Love Remains (The Tube, UK TV - Dec 11. 1986)
CD1-13 Press (Alternate Take - Rough Mix)
CD1-14 Press (Hugh Padgham Single Mix)
CD1-15 Press (Hugh Padgham Extended Mix)
CD1-16 Press (Bevans-Forward Video Edit)
CD1-17 Press (Bevans-Forward Promo Edit)
CD1-18 Press (Bevans-Forward Extended Dub Mix)
CD2-1 Pretty Little Head (Rough Mix)
CD2-2 Pretty Little Head (Alternate Extended Mix)
CD2-3 Pretty Little Head (Remix 7")
CD2-4 Pretty Little Head (Remix 12")
CD2-5 Move Over Busker (Alternate Take - Rough Mix)
CD2-6 Angry (Session Jam)
CD2-7 Angry (Remix 12")
CD2-8 However Absurd (Rough Mix)
CD2-9 Write Away (Rough Mix)
CD2-10 It's Not True (Alternate Take - Rough Mix)
CD2-11 It's Not True (Single Mix)
CD2-12 Tough On A Tightrope (Alternate Take - Rough Mix)
CD2-13 Tough On A Tightrope (Extended 12" Version)
Stranglehold Video Shoot
CD2-14 Band Introduction
CD2-15 Fortune Teller
CD2-16 Love Is Strange
CD2-17 Tequila
CD2-18 Cactus Club (Improvisation)
CD2-19 Stranglehold
CD3-1 Stranglehold (Video Soundtrack With Alternate Sax Solo)
CD3-2 Yvonne's The One (Album Outtake)
McCartney Special
CD3-3 Video Shoot With Live Vocal #1
CD3-4 Video Shoot With Live Vocal #2
CD3-5 Spies Like Us (Demo)
CD3-6 Spies Like Us (Alternate Take - Rough Mix 1)
CD3-7 Spies Like Us (Alternate Take - Rough Mix 2)
CD3-8 Spies Like Us (Alternate Take - Rough Mix 3)
CD3-9 Spies Like Us (DJ Version)
CD3-10 Spies Like Us (Party Mix)
CD3-11 Spies Like Us (Alternate Party Mix - Rough Version)
CD3-12 Spies Like Us (Art Of Noise Remix - Unreleased)
CD3-13 Loveliest Thing (Different Mix)
CD3-14 Press To Play Album Party
Press To Play EPK
DVD-1 Interview
DVD-2 Recording Footage
DVD-3 About PV 'Press'
DVD-4 Album Photo Session
DVD-5 Photos During Sessions
McCartney Special With TCR
DVD-6 Opening - Prince's Trust 1986
DVD-7 Press Recording
DVD-8 Peggy Sue
DVD-9 Maybe I'm Amazed
DVD-10 Helen Wheels
DVD-11 Hi Hi Hi
DVD-12 Take It Away
DVD-13 Tug Of War
Royal Variety Show - Nov 24. 1986
DVD-14 Only Love Remains
UNICEF Gala - Dec 5. 1986
DVD-15 Lady Madonna
The Tube - Dec 11. 1986
DVD-16 Only Love Remains
DVD-17 Whole Lotta Shakin'
McCartney Special - Raw Footage
DVD-18 Take 1-1
DVD-19 Take 2-1
DVD-20 Take 3-1
DVD-21 Take 4-1
DVD-22 Take 9-1
DVD-23 In The Recording Studio
DVD-24 Press


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September 3, 2016
The best compilation From the album era, includes All B-Sides and alternates takes in one Collection, Factory Press CD, made in Japan.