Paul Petroskey* ‎– Pine 'N Lose (The Poetry Of Paul Petroskey)

Rocks & Rolling Records ‎– R&RR 020
Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered


A1 Barnacle Bell (A Seafaang Tale)
A2 Dream Guy
A3 Wild Animals
A4 Judgement Day
A5 Cavemen
A6 Incandescent Lamps
A7 Doomed To Die
A8 Delusion For Dinner
A9 My Uccer
A10 No One
A11 "I'll Tune Your Guitar"
A12 Full Fare
A13 America's Favorite Sport
A14 Mysterious Island
A15 Pull Top To Fill
A16 1 If By Land, 2 If By Sea, 3 If By Me
A17 The Last Miracle
A18 Dead On Arrival
A19 Simple Machines
A20 Made In Malaysia
A21 Lava
A22 Having No Face
A23 Forward
A24 E-Motion Sickness
A25 Subtle Indifference
A26 Ergo
A27 Lonely And Laughing
A28 Sheepish
A29 Ode To Norm
A30 Rappacini's Daughter
A31 Fist Fight
A32 Legacy Of Blood
A33 Make It Legal
A34 Pillow Of Dentures
A35 Accept
A36 The Devils
A37 Proceed With Caution
A38 Busted Finger
A39 Icky Grandma
A40 Portable Tv
A41 Hooks And Eyes
A42 My Existence
A43 After My 26th Bus Ride
A44 Target Practice
A45 Massage
A46 Psyche
A47 Later Than Never
A48 Losing Touch
A49 Graceless Aging
A50 The Medusa Touch
A51 Causes And Effects
A52 Diamond Stylus
B1 The Hunting Party
B2 Pin
B3 Anthik Poem
B4 Lost My Mind
B5 Man's Best Friend
B6 Striking Back
B7 6 O'Clock Nuze
B8 But The Doctor Died
B9 The Hypnotic Eye
B10 Kitchenette
B11 Johnson And Johnson
B12 Head In A Hatbox
B13 Happiness Is ...
B14 Fluffy Poison
B15 Whores O'durves
B16 Zelienople
B17 Hot Dog Bites Man
B18 Vaseline Pudding
B19 Latmus Test
B20 Ambiguity
B21 Proithetic Oracle
B22 Hospitalized
B23 The Ballad Of Clara Bow
B24 Tarring A Driveway
B25 The Constant Tourist
B26 Sayonara, Bye-Bye
B27 Pictures At An Exhibition
B28 #25 Office Visit
B29 Need A Vacation
B30 Bad Day
B31 One Car Pile-Up
B32 Greased Monkey
B33 Towel-Dried
B34 Past Patronage
B35 To Beautify
B36 Conditioning Rinse
B37 Men's Cut Plus
B38 Eat In Or Take Out
B39 Just Visiting
B40 Humorous
B41 Illness
B42 Pulp Non-Fiction
B43 No Appointment Needed
B44 Ugh
B45 Child-Beating Bastard
B46 After
B47 Pre-Amputation
B48 10,000 Homes (Or More)
B49 Drapes, Small Rugs
B50 Nin Compoop
B51 Discipline
B52 Propensity


Limited Edition of 10 copies.
Features Paul Petroskey reading the 100+ poems he wrote between 1989 - 1999. A poem was written and sent out with each order Paul received during those years, for his music. Each poem also came with an original drawing by Paul.