Paul Westwood ‎– Side Kick

Music De Wolfe ‎– DWS/LP 3557
Vinyl, LP


A1 Sidekick
A2 Beat Route
A3 Stalker
A4 That Certain Feeling
A5 Running From Paradise
B1 Overkill
B2 Sidewalk Shuffle
B3 In Pursuit
B4 Stool Pigeon
B5 Street Rake



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August 7, 2012
This was my first introduction to the music of Paul Westwood and after hearing the album I was very glad that I discovered him. The blurb on the back cover says, "A collection of powerful and exciting rock funk underscores", and as usual with Music de Wolfe, that blurb gives a pretty good summation of what to expect from the album. It doesn't tell the whole story though, as there are some good downtempo moments as well which are some of my favorite on the LP. The front cover also says the music is designed for murder, mystery and suspense, and I can hear those aspects in the sound at times too. Overall though, it's very funky stuff, with raunchy bass work, driving drum machine rhythms and beats with catchy guitar or synthesizer melodies played over top. Also an album for beat diggers who like that early electro/hip hop type of sound as it reminds me of those styles of music as well.

The only slightly annoying aspect of this LP is that there are 4 versions of each song; a full 3 minute version, a 1 minute version, a 30 second version and a 15 second version. If you like to just play an album from start to finish this might have you wanting to skip those shorter versions and just get on with the rest of the album. This was a common practice in library music though so it's not really a big deal.

Overall, a very nice 80s library. Recommended. 5/5