People Under The Stairs ‎– Carried Away Instrumentals and Show Vinyl

4 × Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Test Pressing


1 Step Off
2 Much Too Much
3 Hit The Top
4 Listen
5 Trippin At The Disco
6 80 Blocks From Silverlake
7 Beer
8 Come On Let's Get High
9 Check The Vibe
10 Letter From The Old School
12 Way Down In LA
13 My Boy D
14 Teeth
15 Creepshow
16 Carried Away
17 Beer (Colt 45 Remix)
18 All Good Things
19 DQMOT (Traveling Through Space Remix)
20 Trippin At The Disco (Bronx Angel Dust Mix)
21 Beer (Colt 45 Remix) Instrumental
22 All Good Things Instrumental
23 DQMOT (Traveling Through Space Remix) Instrumental
24 Trippin At The Disco (Bronx Angel Dust Mix) Instrumental
25 PUTS Show Vinyl Cuts


"People often ask what the rarest PUTS Vinyl is... Without a doubt, this is.

Due to licensing issues, the 4xLP set was cancelled right as the test pressings were created, leaving it to exist forever in, amazingly, a quantity of 15.

Of the 15 made, 1 set went to John at Redef, one was given to Peter Agoston, one set to Double K, one to Thes, one for the vault, and here: the remaining ten copies available for purchase.

Though high, the price is a function of the cost of creating such a limited quantity of LP - to cut and manufacture these tests Piecelock was invoiced over $1800 plus shipping. Instead of trashing the Lp's, we offer them here, in their original limited quantity, never again to be pressed.

The rarest PUTS project in existence. Congrats to those who are able to call it their own."

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