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Parlophone ‎– PSB 97
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1 For Some Reason I Thought You’d Been Around A Lot Longer Than 12 Years, But Then That’s Probably A Testimony To What You’ve Achieved. I Would Consider It A Compliment For People To Think That Way! 0:39
2 You Guys Started A Lot Of The Techniques I Hear On Today’s Records. Would You Hold Your Hand Up And Claim A Little Bit Of Credit For That? 0:52
3 Do You Think Sampling Has Gone Full Stretch Now, Can It Go Any Further, Are We Now Oversampled? 1:22
4 This Album ‘Bilingual’ Contains A Lot Of Latin Rhythms, Was That Intentional? 1:15
5 Your Music Always Has A Depth To It And This Album Really Reflects That! 1:00
6 On The Single ‘Red Letter Day’ There’s Another Track ‘The Boy Who Couldn’t Keep His Clothes On’. Why Didn't That Track Find Its Way On To The Album? 1:02
7 When You Give Someone A Track Of Yours To Be Re-Mixed, Do You Just Let Them Get On With It Or Do You Give Any Direction At All? 1:08
8 Do You Think Your Music Is More Rhythm Driven These Days? 0:59
9 Your Songs Do Achieve The Aim Of Coming Back To The Hook, The Difference Being That You Make More Interesting Records! 0:33
10 ‘Discoteca’ Opens The ‘Bilingual’ Album, A Song Which I Understand Has Been Around For A Few Years. Do You Have Songs That Take Time To Develop And You Keep Going Back To Them? 0:50
11 ‘Single’ Has This Real Nice Percussive Section And Also An Irony In That Song Which Crops Up In A Lot Of Your Lyrics, That Appeals To You Doesn’t It? 0:58
12 Having Travelled Considerably Making Music And Also Sold Records World-Wide, Do You Think The British Are Still Up There, At The Cutting Edge? 1:19
13 Would You In Some Respects Consider Yourselves Entertainers Now Especially When You Play Live, It’s A Real Show? 1:57
14 ‘Metamorphosis’ Is To Me Classic Pet Shop Boys, Harmonies That Arrive At You! 0:48
15 Neil You Could Probably Put Your Lyrics In A Very Simple Narrative Form Over A Backing Track, Almost Poetic, Have You Ever Thought Of Doing That? 0:32
16 ‘It Always Comes As A Surprise’, Is This Autobiographical? 0:17
17 You’re Also Recognized As Producers And At One Time There Was A ‘Tag’ Situation, Where Acts Came To You To Have Your Name On It, Were You Aware Of That? 1:01
18 Chris You’ve Managed A Certain Amount Of Anonymity In That You Can Still Do Your Shopping And Enjoy Yourself, Is That Quite Nice To Be Able To Do That? 1:20
19 ‘A Red Letter Day’ Features A Russian Choir, Why Couldn’t You Find That Anywhere Else? 0:34
20 Is That Why You Travel All Over The World To Record? 0:21
21 ‘Up Against It’ Politics, Are You Saying Protest Isn’t Worth It? 1:28
22 ‘To Step Aside’ Has The Line ‘If I Decide To Step Aside I Will Try And Forget All The Tears I’ve Cried’ Which Shows The Lyrical Talents You’ve Displayed From The Beginning. Where Do The Ideas Come From? 1:40
23 What Do You Think It Is That Keeps You Together? 1:12
24 There’s A Quote From You Neil ‘We May Have Had The Occasional Scam, But Never Had Any Grand Plans!’. Does That Still Fit In? 1:14



Promo interview disc to support the Bilingual album.

Sleeve: “Neil and Chris talk about Bilingual their latest album, what keeps them together and about The boy who couldn’t keep his clothes on. {…} ℗ The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Pet Shop Boys Partnership Ltd, under exclusive license to EMI Records, Ltd. © 1997 Pet Shop Boys Partnership Ltd.”

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