Phauss ‎– Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth

Anckarström ‎– A5


1 Nothing But The Truth - Including: Moving Towards The Sun / Supreme Bliss / Folkwar 53:50


Packaged in a 5"x8" heavy brown paper folder. A 23" x 31" color poster packaged inside.



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June 2, 2012
This album is like all ANCKARSTRÖM CDs, consisting of just one track, although it does have pieces called “Moving Towards The Sun”, "Supreme Bliss” & "Folkwar”. It opens on a booming muted bass roar which threatens to let loose that which lives inside. Angry insects from Beyond? Or elemental destruction poised in understated readiness to wreak havoc. It remains as such, full of Black promise, until about seven minutes into the piece when it swells bigger and bigger, gravid of dark possibilities. About 12 minutes in a wave of (presumably) short wave distortion builds up to a crunching, clattering, climax, then repeats the process. What sounds like infant cries can be heard as it crashes out of it’s cycle. After this the structure grows a little more daring, varying just a touch more while still retaining the low-frequency-on-the-verge-of-feedback sound. Over the top grow machine and industrial sounds, the white sound of metal cut on a lathe. Snatches of barked operatic voice break through the by-now dense smog of mechanical sound. lt evolves / devolves, turning this shape and that, as if trying to escape from it’s bonds. It changes tone rather than colour, and never really escapes the bass dirge it began with. It closes like thunder, growing distant, growling like a cowardly dog protecting it’s precious bones, until it finally dies in the distance.
It is a mood album and one I am much impressed with. It reminds me of some of the solo stuff BRUCE GILBERT has done over the years, particularly “Do You Me? I Did”. It also reminds me a little of CONTRASTATE although this is perhaps less dense.

This one also comes with a colour poster - of two people (presumably PHAUSS) meeting head-to-head causing a shower of sparks.

A much recommended album.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.