Phil Collins ‎– Westwood One Off The Record Classic (OTRCL # 97-11)

Westwood One ‎– OTRCL 97-11
CD, Transcription


Track 1 On Compact Disc: (Total Running Time - 25:08):
1 Cat McEwen Cat McEwen Radio Intro
2 Phil Collins Take Me Down
3 Genesis Illegal Alien
4 Phil Collins Interview Segment
5 Genesis Hold On My Heart
6 Phil Collins Interview Segment
7 Genesis Selling England By The Pound
8 Phil Collins Interview Segment
9 Genesis Behind The Lines
10 Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
11 Cat McEwen Segment Break
12 No Artist Commercial Block: Doritos / Radio Shack / Trident Gum / Nickelodeon
Track 2 On Compact Disc: (Total Running Time - 10:03):
13 Cat McEwen Segment Intro
14 Phil Collins Interview Segment
15 Phil Collins Dance Into The Light
16 Genesis Follow You, Follow Me
17 Cat McEwen Segment Break
18 No Artist Commercial Block: Plymouth Breeze / Doritos / Nickelodeon / E! True Hollywood Story
Track 3 On Compact Disc: (Total Running Time - 12:56):
19 Cat McEwen Segment Intro
20 Genesis I Can't Dance
21 Phil Collins Interview Segment
22 Peter Gabriel Intruder
23 Phil Collins Interview Segment
24 Phil Collins In The Air Tonight
25 Cat McEwen Segment Break
26 No Artist Commercial Block: Trident / Radio Shack / Doritos / Nickelodeon
Track 4 On Compact Disc: (Total Running Time - 10:18):
27 Cat McEwen Segment Intro
28 Phil Collins The Times They Are A' Changing
29 Genesis Paperlate
30 Phil Collins Interview Segment
31 Genesis Abacab - Live
32 Cat McEwen End Credits
Track 5 On Compact Disc: (Total Running Time - 0:42):
33 Cat McEwen Radio Promo Spot I (Music & Voice - Abacab)
Track 6 On Compact Disc: (Total Running Time - 0:40):
34 Cat McEwen Radio Promo Spot II (Music & Voice - Abacab)
Track 7 On Compact Disc: (Total Running Time - 0:31):
35 Cat McEwen Radio Promo Spot III (Music & Voice - Abacab)

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Off The Record Classic Special #97-11:
Westwood One Records
Unknown recording date
Original Airdate - Week of 10 March 1997
1997 pre-FM Single Compact Disc

Kat MacEwan chronicles Phil's life and his music, (in a rather pompous and overbearing fashion I might add - her "very proper British" accent sounds almost fake!) along with his latest release, Phil Collins - Dance Into The Light, and his Big Band outings. Some bits sound as if Phil is in the studio with the host and others are clearly taken from the Phil Collins - Collins On Collins Exclusive Candid Interview LP. The show contains commercials and studio tracks from several of Phil's albums along with a few Genesis tracks and on by Peter Gabriel. There are seven tracks on the compact disc, and the listing above indicates the contents of each larger track as split into separate tracks.