Philly Thrash Brigade ‎– Play Fast Or Die

CD, Compilation


1 Rumpelstiltskin Grinder "Beware The Thrash Brigade"
2 Rellik "Devoured In Sin"
3 Infernal Stronghold "Your Soul Stinks Like Shit"
4 Annunaki "March Of The Militia Of The Dead"
5 Unrest "Anything To Shock"
6 Lethal Aggression "Corproganda"
7 Sacrificial Blood "Tyrant Of Pain"
8 Total Fucking Destruction "Proof"
9 The Claw "Tight To Fall"
10 Near Dark "Jesus Wept"
11 Divine Rapture "I Am Pain"
12 Trasher "Inverting The Cross"
13 Oldhead "The Stoner Grind"
14 Invasive Command "The 4th Dimension"
15 Consenting Adults "Tax Fraud"
16 Common Enemy "Undead"
17 Azure Emote "Justified End"
18 Sewage Sammich "Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth? (Demo 88) / Virginia Tech 9"
19 Blasphemous "Warriors Of The Wasted Lands"
20 The Tenth Circle "Fateless"
21 XXX Maniak "Sweet Relief In The Mausoleum"


Amazing compilation 21 bands for 21 songs!!!

Philadelphia's fastest bands come together on this Creeping Vine Productions release to prepare for the apocalypse. Thrash leads the way with small doses of Death, Grind, and Black Metal, all holding one thing in common: UNFORGIVING SPEED! A huge portion of unreleased tracks from the restless sewers of the Philadelphia underground...

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 8 27166 15292