Picola Naine ‎– Toutes Les Rations Utiles Pour Atteindre Tahiti à Temps

Thödol ‎– THO008
CDr, Mini-Album




Recorded during 2009
08/2011 - CD time 14:44


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March 18, 2015
It’s always the best bet to expect the unexpected with Picola NAINE. Whatever the instrument he explores (vocals, guitar, piano, sampler ...), each project has its own identity, and bears his signature. TOUTES LES RATIONS... might be one of his most surprising bend: a trip in French songs.
But there’s something inherently perverse about the concept of song with Picola NAINE. The album is at once full of irony and full of affection. In fact, its true subversive dimension may be its inability to accommodate both a real desire to be listenable to a large audience and the will to go even further, as a leak, in experimentation and deconstruction.
Each title is made carefully and full of depth. Picola NAINE explores atmospheres from moment to moment sweet, bitter, warm, dry and organic, and he shows great inventiveness, despite the limits the concept would seem to impose. He found as many possibilities in the song as he experiments with machines and guitar.
Although each tracks on album is remarkable conceived, the fragility of the whole makes contrasts with the energy, unbridled arrangements and unexpected extravagant lyrics.
On a simple basis, each piece unfolds and seeks the location of the rupture. He develops an instinctive understanding of combinations full of amazing details, and textures and original spaces. His research looks like a run in a labyrinthine in a strange land, until you break the walls for escape ... but never completely, not for ever.
This album reaffirms Picola NAINE is not just a musician who works on deconstruction (without falling into postmodern condescension), but also an arranger with talent for songwriting.
He combines musical elements that may have nothing to do with the structure of songs, and at first it seems to don’t make sense to the ears. Conceptually, it would be of course too easy to see TOUTES LES RATIONS... like any other experiment in a long line of deconstruction.
There is obviously an attempt to replay the orchestrations of French song, and lyrics that touch on another level, however, it’s first of all a true work of love, and exuberance, creativity and desire to go further and to redesign the aesthetics of the song is much more important than intellectual exercises. TOUTES LES RATIONS... remains completely accessible, melodic, with funny lyrics, touching and revealing a unique sensibility that get to create, all along his albums, his own idiosyncratic mark.