Pierrepoint а также Atropine ‎– Pierrepoint (1993-2000)

CD, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release


01-Slices Of Death 1993
MP3-1 Pierrepoint Centuries
MP3-2 Pierrepoint Sleep
MP3-3 Pierrepoint Angst
MP3-4 Pierrepoint Aufgewacht
MP3-5 Pierrepoint Tomorrow
MP3-6 Pierrepoint Machinery
MP3-7 Pierrepoint Nightmare Zone
MP3-8 Pierrepoint Traum Oder Welt
MP3-9 Pierrepoint Nekrophil
MP3-10 Pierrepoint Der Reale Teil Des Seins
MP3-11 Pierrepoint Gewollt
MP3-12 Pierrepoint Hoffnung Auf Die Wiederkehr
MP3-13 Pierrepoint Das Tor
02-Eibon 1994
MP3-14 Pierrepoint Eibon
MP3-15 Pierrepoint Perfect Society
MP3-16 Pierrepoint Why Do...?
MP3-17 Pierrepoint Hoffnung Auf Die Wiederkehr (Remix)
MP3-18 Pierrepoint Slaughter
MP3-19 Pierrepoint Equivoke
03-The Being 1995
MP3-20 Pierrepoint Alive
MP3-21 Pierrepoint Castigate
MP3-22 Pierrepoint Re-Created (V.01)
MP3-23 Pierrepoint The Being
MP3-24 Pierrepoint Noise Tec.
MP3-25 Pierrepoint Blade Walk
MP3-26 Pierrepoint Pyramid
MP3-27 Pierrepoint Re-Created (V.02)
MP3-28 Pierrepoint News While Stoned
MP3-29 Pierrepoint Backslide
MP3-30 Pierrepoint Remain Undone
MP3-31 Pierrepoint A New Life Called Gina
04-Idolized 1996
MP3-32 Pierrepoint Xenophop
MP3-33 Pierrepoint Idolized (V.01)
MP3-34 Pierrepoint Tomorrow (V.03)
MP3-35 Pierrepoint Idolized (V.02)
MP3-36 Pierrepoint Castigate (V.02)
MP3-37 Pierrepoint Cellcode
MP3-38 Pierrepoint Illwill
05-Final Scan 1997
MP3-39 Pierrepoint Final Scan (Intro)
MP3-40 Pierrepoint Gods Key (Strukturallergiemix)
MP3-41 Pierrepoint Kim
MP3-42 Pierrepoint Nightmare Zone (Dreams Change Mix)
MP3-43 Pierrepoint Gods Key (Stone Age Version)
MP3-44 Pierrepoint Chasm
MP3-45 Pierrepoint Trance On Data
MP3-46 Pierrepoint Train (Kaanbalik)
MP3-47 Pierrepoint Music Nonstop / Fun Track
06-Pulsing Redlight - Reconstruct 1999
MP3-48 Pierrepoint Pulsing Redlight Intro
MP3-49 Pierrepoint Judas
MP3-50 Pierrepoint ... Sie Sind Nicht Grün
MP3-51 Pierrepoint Rowboz
MP3-52 Pierrepoint Evil Seed
MP3-53 Pierrepoint Spacegod Killer
MP3-54 Pierrepoint Abducted
MP3-55 Pierrepoint ... Sie Sind Nicht Grün (Suicide Commando Remix)
MP3-56 Pierrepoint Why Do ... ? (Toxistada Mix)
MP3-57 Pierrepoint Rowboz (Motion Restart Mix)
MP3-58 Pierrepoint Ultraschall
MP3-59 Pierrepoint Slaughter (Short Cut Mix)
MP3-60 Pierrepoint Perfect Society (Reconstruct)
MP3-61 Pierrepoint Kim II (The Friendly Man-Mix)
07-Deleted Tracks From Earth 2000
MP3-62 Pierrepoint Hoffnung Auf Die Wiederkehr
MP3-63 Pierrepoint Perfect Society
MP3-64 Pierrepoint Why Do ..?
MP3-65 Pierrepoint Slaughter
MP3-66 Pierrepoint Alive
MP3-67 Pierrepoint Castigate
MP3-68 Pierrepoint The Being
MP3-69 Pierrepoint Idolized
MP3-70 Pierrepoint Xenophop
MP3-71 Pierrepoint Kim
MP3-72 Pierrepoint Final Scan
MP3-73 Pierrepoint Judas
MP3-74 Pierrepoint ...Sie Sind Nicht Grün (Roswell-Mix)
MP3-75 Pierrepoint Spacegod Killer
MP3-76 Pierrepoint Nightchild
08-Technoid Beats For A Paradox Movement 2000
MP3-77 Pierrepoint Ethnic Trip
MP3-78 Pierrepoint Go Insane (Part 1)
MP3-79 Pierrepoint Re-Slaughted
MP3-80 Pierrepoint Go Insane (Part 2)
MP3-81 Pierrepoint Rerun
MP3-82 Pierrepoint Go Insane (Part 3)
MP3-83 Pierrepoint Subsession
MP3-84 Pierrepoint Nightchild
MP3-85 Pierrepoint Rowboz
MP3-86 Pierrepoint Paradox Effect
MP3-87 Pierrepoint Hard'N'Fast
MP3-88 Pierrepoint Ethnic Trip 2
MP3-89 Pierrepoint Let's Go Get Drunk
MP3-90 Pierrepoint Rowboz (Very Special Humsty Bumsty Club Mix)
01-Feigned Hearing 2000
MP3-91 Atropine The Second Culling
MP3-92 Atropine Black Sludge
MP3-93 Atropine Coercion
MP3-94 Atropine Luminax
MP3-95 Atropine Remaining Limb
MP3-96 Atropine Retch Trigger
MP3-97 Atropine Black Sludge (Ceasefire Mix)
MP3-98 Atropine Alienated
MP3-99 Atropine Ckode Cleanse Logic
MP3-100 Atropine Shogun Assassin
MP3-101 Atropine The Second Culling (Violent)
MP3-102 Atropine Bonesaw


Released as part of the Красная серия. MP3: 192 kbps, 44kHz. Comes with Photogallery, Winamp and Advanced Musical Player. Total time: 07:48:00

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout: MP-0186