Pixies ‎– Minotaur

Artist In Residence ‎– none
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Deluxe Edition
CD, Mini-Album, 24k Gold Plated
4 × CD, Album, 24k Gold Plated
Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album
4 × Vinyl, LP, Album
DVD, DVD-Audio
DVD, DVD-Video
Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album, Test Pressing
4 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Test Pressing

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Come On Pilgrim
CD1.1 Caribou
CD1.2 Vamos
CD1.3 Isla De Encanta
CD1.4 Ed Is Dead
CD1.5 The Holiday Song
CD1.6 Nimrod's Son
CD1.7 I've Been Tired
CD1.8 Levitate Me
Surfer Rosa
CD2.1 Bone Machine
CD2.2 Break My Body
CD2.3 Something Against You
CD2.4 Broken Face
CD2.5 Gigantic
CD2.6 River Euphrates
CD2.7 Where Is My Mind?
CD2.8 Cactus
CD2.9 Tony's Theme
CD2.10 Oh My Golly!
CD2.11 Vamos
CD2.12 I'm Amazed
CD2.13 Brick Is Red
CD3.1 Debaser
CD3.2 Tame
CD3.3 Wave Of Mutilation
CD3.4 I Bleed
CD3.5 Here Comes Your Man
CD3.6 Dead
CD3.7 Monkey Gone To Heaven
CD3.8 Mr. Grieves
CD3.9 Crackity Jones
CD3.10 La La Love You
CD3.11 Number 13 Baby
CD3.12 There Goes My Gun
CD3.13 Hey
CD3.14 Silver
CD3.15 Gouge Away
CD4.1 Cecilia Ann
CD4.2 Rock Music
CD4.3 Velouria
CD4.4 Allison
CD4.5 Is She Weird
CD4.6 Ana
CD4.7 All Over The World
CD4.8 Dig For Fire
CD4.9 Down To The Well
CD4.10 The Happening
CD4.11 Blown Away
CD4.12 Hang Wire
CD4.13 Stormy Weather
CD4.14 Havalina
Trompe Le Monde
CD5.1 Trompe Le Monde
CD5.2 Planet Of Sound
CD5.3 Alec Eiffel
CD5.4 The Sad Punk
CD5.5 Head On
Written-By – Jim Reid, William Reid
CD5.6 U-Mass
CD5.7 Palace Of The Brine
CD5.8 Letter To Memphis
CD5.9 Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons
CD5.10 Space (I Believe In)
CD5.11 Subbacultcha
CD5.12 Distance Equals Rate Times Time
CD5.13 Lovely Day
CD5.14 Motorway To Roswell
CD5.15 The Navajo Know
Come On Pilgrim
A1 Caribou
A2 Vamos
A3 Isla De Encanta
A4 Ed Is Dead
B1 The Holiday Song
B2 Nimrod's Son
B3 I've Been Tired
B4 Levitate Me
Surfer Rosa
C1 Bone Machine
C2 Break My Body
C3 Something Against You
C4 Broken Face
C5 Gigantic
C6 River Euphrates
D1 Where Is My Mind?
D2 Cactus
D3 Tony's Theme
D4 Oh My Golly!
D5 Vamos
D6 I'm Amazed
D7 Brick Is Red
E1 Debaser
E2 Tame
E3 Wave Of Mutilation
E4 I Bleed
E5 Here Comes Your Man
E6 Dead
E7 Monkey Gone To Heaven
F1 Mr. Grieves
F2 Crackity Jones
F3 La La Love You
F4 Number 13 Baby
F5 There Goes My Gun
F6 Hey
F7 Silver
F8 Gouge Away
G1 Cecilia Ann
G2 Rock Music
G3 Velouria
G4 Allison
G5 Is She Weird
G6 Ana
G7 All Over The World
H1 Dig For Fire
H2 Down To The Well
H3 The Happening
H4 Blown Away
H5 Hang Wire
H6 Stormy Weather
H7 Havalina
Trompe Le Monde
I1 Trompe Le Monde
I2 Planet Of Sound
I3 Alec Eiffel
I4 The Sad Punk
I5 Head On
I6 U-Mass
I7 Palace Of The Brine
I8 Letter To Memphis
J1 Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons
J2 Space (I Believe In)
J3 Subbacultcha
J4 Distance Equals Rate Times Time
J5 Lovely Day
J6 Motorway To Roswell
J7 The Navajo Know
Come On Pilgrim Test Pressing
K1 Caribou
K2 Vamos
K3 Isla De Encanta
K4 Ed Is Dead
L1 The Holiday Song
L2 Nimrod's Son
L3 I've Been Tired
L4 Levitate Me
Surfer Rosa Test Pressing
M1 Bone Machine
M2 Break My Body
M3 Something Against You
M4 Broken Face
M5 Gigantic
M6 River Euphrates
N1 Where Is My Mind?
N2 Cactus
N3 Tony's Theme
N4 Oh My Golly!
N5 Vamos
N6 I'm Amazed
N7 Brick Is Red
Doolittle Test Pressing
O1 Debaser
O2 Tame
O3 Wave Of Mutilation
O4 I Bleed
O5 Here Comes Your Man
O6 Dead
O7 Monkey Gone To Heaven
P1 Mr. Grieves
P2 Crackity Jones
P3 La La Love You
P4 Number 13 Baby
P5 There Goes My Gun
P6 Hey
P7 Silver
P8 Gouge Away
Bossanova Test Pressing
Q1 Cecilia Ann
Q2 Rock Music
Q3 Velouria
Q4 Allison
Q5 Is She Weird
Q6 Ana
Q7 All Over The World
R1 Dig For Fire
R2 Down To The Well
R3 The Happening
R4 Blown Away
R5 Hang Wire
R6 Stormy Weather
R7 Havalina
Trompe Le Monde Test Pressing
S1 Trompe Le Monde
S2 Planet Of Sound
S3 Alec Eiffel
S4 The Sad Punk
S5 Head On
S6 U-Mass
S7 Palace Of The Brine
S8 Letter To Memphis
T1 Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons
T2 Space (I Believe In)
T3 Subbacultcha
T4 Distance Equals Rate Times Time
T5 Lovely Day
T6 Motorway To Roswell
T7 The Navajo Know
Come On Pilgrim
DVD-A.1 Caribou
DVD-A.2 Vamos
DVD-A.3 Isla De Encanta
DVD-A.4 Ed Is Dead
DVD-A.5 The Holiday Song
DVD-A.6 Nimrod's Son
DVD-A.7 I've Been Tired
DVD-A.8 Levitate Me
Surfer Rosa
DVD-A.9 Bone Machine
DVD-A.10 Break My Body
DVD-A.11 Something Against You
DVD-A.12 Broken Face
DVD-A.13 Gigantic
DVD-A.14 River Euphrates
DVD-A.15 Where Is My Mind?
DVD-A.16 Cactus
DVD-A.17 Tony's Theme
DVD-A.18 Oh My Golly!
DVD-A.19 Vamos
DVD-A.20 I'm Amazed
DVD-A.21 Brick Is Red
DVD-A.22 Debaser
DVD-A.23 Tame
DVD-A.24 Wave Of Mutilation
DVD-A.25 I Bleed
DVD-A.26 Here Comes Your Man
DVD-A.27 Dead
DVD-A.28 Monkey Gone To Heaven
DVD-A.29 Mr. Grieves
DVD-A.30 Crackity Jones
DVD-A.31 La La Love You
DVD-A.32 Number 13 Baby
DVD-A.33 There Goes My Gun
DVD-A.34 Hey
DVD-A.35 Silver
DVD-A.36 Gouge Away
DVD-A.37 Cecilia Ann
DVD-A.38 Rock Music
DVD-A.39 Velouria
DVD-A.40 Allison
DVD-A.41 Is She Weird
DVD-A.42 Ana
DVD-A.43 All Over The World
DVD-A.44 Dig For Fire
DVD-A.45 Down To The Well
DVD-A.46 The Happening
DVD-A.47 Blown Away
DVD-A.48 Hang Wire
DVD-A.49 Stormy Weather
DVD-A.50 Havalina
Trompe Le Monde
DVD-A.51 Trompe Le Monde
DVD-A.52 Planet Of Sound
DVD-A.53 Alec Eiffel
DVD-A.54 The Sad Punk
DVD-A.55 Head On
DVD-A.56 U-Mass
DVD-A.57 Palace Of The Brine
DVD-A.58 Letter To Memphis
DVD-A.59 Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons
DVD-A.60 Space (I Believe In)
DVD-A.61 Subbacultcha
DVD-A.62 Distance Equals Rate Times Time
DVD-A.63 Lovely Day
DVD-A.64 Motorway To Roswell
DVD-A.65 The Navajo Know
DVD-V.1 Debaser
DVD-V.2 Here Comes Your Man
DVD-V.3 Monkey Gone To Heaven
DVD-V.4 Velouria
DVD-V.5 Dig For Fire / Allison
DVD-V.6 Alec Eiffel
DVD-V.7 Head On
Live At The Brixton Academy, London 1992
DVD-V.8 Intro
DVD-V.9 Rock Music
DVD-V.10 Debaser
DVD-V.11 River Euphrates
DVD-V.12 The Happening
DVD-V.13 Allison
DVD-V.14 Velouria
DVD-V.15 Into The White
DVD-V.16 Bone Machine
DVD-V.17 Gouge Away
DVD-V.18 Hang Wire
DVD-V.19 I Bleed
DVD-V.20 Is She Weird
DVD-V.21 Letter To Memphis
DVD-V.22 Palace Of The Brine
DVD-V.23 Planet Of Sound
DVD-V.24 Where Is My Mind?
DVD-V.25 The Holiday Song
DVD-V.26 Break My Body
DVD-V.27 Blown Away
DVD-V.28 Here Comes Your Man
DVD-V.29 Subbacultcha
DVD-V.30 Mr. Grieves
DVD-V.31 Trompe Le Monde
DVD-V.32 The Sad Punk
DVD-V.33 Monkey Gone To Heaven
DVD-V.34 Motorway To Roswell
DVD-V.35 Vamos
DVD-V.36 Head On
DVD-V.37 Tame
Come On Pilgrim
BR-audio.1 Caribou
BR-audio.2 Vamos
BR-audio.3 Isla De Encanta
BR-audio.4 Ed Is Dead
BR-audio.5 The Holiday Song
BR-audio.6 Nimrod's Son
BR-audio.7 I've Been Tired
BR-audio.8 Levitate Me
Surfer Rosa
BR-audio.9 Bone Machine
BR-audio.10 Break My Body
BR-audio.11 Something Against You
BR-audio.12 Broken Face
BR-audio.13 Gigantic
BR-audio.14 River Euphrates
BR-audio.15 Where Is My Mind?
BR-audio.16 Cactus
BR-audio.17 Tony's Theme
BR-audio.18 Oh My Golly!
BR-audio.19 Vamos
BR-audio.20 I'm Amazed
BR-audio.21 Brick Is Red
BR-audio.22 Debaser
BR-audio.23 Tame
BR-audio.24 Wave Of Mutilation
BR-audio.25 I Bleed
BR-audio.26 Here Comes Your Man
BR-audio.27 Dead
BR-audio.28 Monkey Gone To Heaven
BR-audio.29 Mr. Grieves
BR-audio.30 Crackity Jones
BR-audio.31 La La Love You
BR-audio.32 Number 13 Baby
BR-audio.33 There Goes My Gun
BR-audio.34 Hey
BR-audio.35 Silver
BR-audio.36 Gouge Away
BR-audio.37 Cecilia Ann
BR-audio.38 Rock Music
BR-audio.39 Velouria
BR-audio.40 Allison
BR-audio.41 Is She Weird
BR-audio.42 Ana
BR-audio.43 All Over The World
BR-audio.44 Dig For Fire
BR-audio.45 Down To The Well
BR-audio.46 The Happening
BR-audio.47 Blown Away
BR-audio.48 Hang Wire
BR-audio.49 Stormy Weather
BR-audio.50 Havalina
Trompe Le Monde
BR-audio.51 Trompe Le Monde
BR-audio.52 Planet Of Sound
BR-audio.53 Alec Eiffel
BR-audio.54 The Sad Punk
BR-audio.55 Head On
BR-audio.56 U-Mass
BR-audio.57 Palace Of The Brine
BR-audio.58 Letter To Memphis
BR-audio.59 Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons
BR-audio.60 Space (I Believe In)
BR-audio.61 Subbacultcha
BR-audio.62 Distance Equals Rate Times Time
BR-audio.63 Lovely Day
BR-audio.64 Motorway To Roswell
BR-audio.65 The Navajo Know
BR-video.1 Debaser
BR-video.2 Here Comes Your Man
BR-video.3 Monkey Gone To Heaven
BR-video.4 Velouria
BR-video.5 Dig For Fire / Allison
BR-video.6 Alec Eiffel
BR-video.7 Head On
Live At The Brixton Academy, London 1992
BR-video.8 Intro
BR-video.9 Rock Music
BR-video.10 Debaser
BR-video.11 River Euphrates
BR-video.12 The Happening
BR-video.13 Allison
BR-video.14 Velouria
BR-video.15 Into The White
BR-video.16 Bone Machine
BR-video.17 Gouge Away
BR-video.18 Hang Wire
BR-video.19 I Bleed
BR-video.20 Is She Weird
BR-video.21 Letter To Memphis
BR-video.22 Palace Of The Brine
BR-video.23 Planet Of Sound
BR-video.24 Where Is My Mind?
BR-video.25 The Holiday Song
BR-video.26 Break My Body
BR-video.27 Blown Away
BR-video.28 Here Comes Your Man
BR-video.29 Subbacultcha
BR-video.30 Mr. Grieves
BR-video.31 Trompe Le Monde
BR-video.32 The Sad Punk
BR-video.33 Monkey Gone To Heaven
BR-video.34 Motorway To Roswell
BR-video.35 Vamos
BR-video.36 Head On
BR-video.37 Tame



This is a version of the Minotaur Limited Edition Box augmented with Test Pressings of the 5 vinyl records.

The test pressings were made in Germany by Pallas Group for Furnace. They are placed in the same box as the other records, housed in plain white paper sleeves with generic rubber/plastic protective inner sleeve. The labels on both sides are generic (see picture). They do not feature the name of the album.

There are 25 copies of this version among the 3000 numbered ones of the box set. They are distributed at random.

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none Pixies Minotaur(Box, Comp, Dlx, Ltd + CD, MiniAlbum, 24k + 4xCD, A) Artist In Residence none US 2009 Sell This Version
none Pixies Minotaur(Box, Comp, Del + 5xCD, Album + DVD-A + DVD-V + Blu) Artist In Residence none US 2009 Sell This Version

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