Placenta Lyposuction / Bördel Noïr ‎– Placenta Lyposuction / Bördel Noïr

Cassette, Limited Edition, C60


A Placenta Lyposuction Untitled 30:00
B Bördel Noïr Untitled 30:00


Limited to 30 copies


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August 15, 2011

This self titled split c60 brings together a side long track a piece from two great euro based HNW projects. Side ones taken up by Croatia based Placenta Lyposuction, and side twos taken up by ghoulish & grim French project Bördel Noïr. Each project offers up a thick, crushing and unrelenting ‘wall’ of HNW.

The shop brought c6o tape comes in a photo copied white paper sleeve, which is a little lo-fi and basic by today’s tape release standards- but it’s a passable bit of packaging feature pictures of skulls/ crypt's which of course nicely ties into with Bördel Noïr's obsession with all thing death & graveyard bound.

So onto the tape it self, and sides ones taken up by Placenta Lyposuction untitled thirty minute track. This ‘wall’ is based around a mid paced, crusty and quite muffled mixture of juddering ‘n’ rumbling noise tonalities that are locked together into a constantly tumbling and semi descend ‘wall’ of sound. I guess the ‘wall’ sounds like a constant avalanche that’s slowly but surely filling a vast under ground subterranean caven. Placenta Lyposuction keeps the whole track consistent, unrelenting and very entrancing.

Over onto side two and we the untitled thirty minute track from Bördel Noïr. This sides ‘wall’ falls in on you like a mass of choking black earth- it’s built around a mixture of hacking, grim/slowly judder bass bound noise and bleak tearing soil tonalities. There’s a really earthy, suffocating, and deeply nasty feel the track, as the track goes on it seems to become more bleak, crusty and airless- yet I think there’s no real shift with-in the wall structures it’s just you mind gets pulled deeper & deeper into the tracks grim & heavy trance. To me the track conjures up black & white film footage of mass graves piled high with grey and slack bodies, and slow but surely masses of earth is pour over and covering the bodies from an unseen source. The tracks another great grim & bleak slice of wall making like only Bördel Noïr can make.

So this split offers up tow great, oppressive ,nasty , yet addictive slices of ‘wall making’ from these two always worthwhile euro acts.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Roger Batty