Placenta Lyposuction ‎– Crust

Toxic Industries ‎– Xi005
Irritant (2) – Xi005
CDr, Limited Edition


1 Untitled 19:19
2 Untitled 21:21
3 Untitled 11:11


  • Artwork By – Andreas Brandal


Recorded in Summer 2009, Balkan.
Limited to 33 copies.


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September 28, 2010
“Crust” finds Croatian HNW project Placenta Lyposuction offering up three suffocating, at times semi industrial, but always brutal examples of intense ‘wall making’.

The opening Untitled track comes in around the nineteen and a half minute mark, and for it's first half it's made up of building layers of suffocation & hissing static noise grain. These seem to settle slowly but surely around you like a persistent steady down pour of acid rain, the atmosphere becomes more airless, thick and oppressive the deeper we get in and the more layers of hiss that are added. At the eight and a half minute mark a thicker more billow furnace type tone clicks in place and the ‘wall’ starts to become more fierce and roasting thick in its feel. As the track moves over the eleven minute mark a looped and rapid jitter becomes more present under the now lowering furnace like billow. As the track draws to it’s end the rapid yet still slightly roasted jitter has almost fully taken centre stage.

The second untitled track is the longest of the three tracks on offer here coming in at around the twenty one and half minute mark. This track starts with a rapidly advancing sonic dust cloud of churning slightly industrial looped tone that’s a mixture of muffled roar and lower down judder. The track feels very subterranean and dusty- like your making your way along some vast and freshly drilled tunnel that’s thick with dust and heat. As the track moves into the seventh minute the juddering becomes more to the front of the mix; giving the feel that your getting closer & closer fast boauring drill machine. By just over the eleventh minute a more crusty, juddering and ripping tone has been added to the extremely thick ‘wall’ of noise tones and you feel like the huge drill machine is now very close indeed. The rest of the track finds rotating drilling roar reach its plateau in looped juddering pattern.

Then we have the final untitled track which is the baby of the banch coming in at just over the eleven minute mark. This track starts out with a growing and nasty mixture of deep and looped hissing, plus juddering stream engine wheel tone. As we move forwards it becomes more spraying and pressure hose like in its sweeping feel, by just before the four minute mark a louder, longer and agitated jitter/ hiss takes centre stage. The rest of the track nicely batters against you like a hundred pressure hoses forcing you into a cold stone wall.

So another very satisfying, brutal, intense yet often quite active selection of ‘walls’ from this very rewarding Croatian project. But I advise quick action to pick-up this release, because as usual with HNW releases it's highly ltd- this ones only to a merger 33 copies.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Roger Batty