Plastikman ‎– Arkives 1993 - 2010

From the promotion of the box set:
"For long-time devotees and new fans alike, Hawtin now presents Plastikman's Arkives, a comprehensive box set that pulls together all 17 years of the Plastikman story so far, including remastered versions of all six previously released Plastikman albums and a trove of rarities, unreleased sessions and new material.

Arkives 1993 - 2010 REFERENCE (16-disc CD/DVD/book edition)
Arkives 1993 - 2010 ANALOG (6 records on 180-gram vinyl in a deluxe box, with poster),
Arkives 1993 - 2010 DIGITAL (digital download version)
Arkives 1993 - 2010 KOMPLETE (including all CDs, vinyl, book, DVD, and bonus digital downloads).


CD1 | Sheet One
Plastikman Drp 1:45
Plastikman Plasticity 11:01
Plastikman Gak 5:37
Plastikman Okx 0:34
Plastikman Helikopter 6:30
Plastikman Glob 8:20
Plastikman Plasticine 11:19
Plastikman Koma 4:10
Plastikman Vokx 2:07
Plastikman Smak 6:43
Plastikman Ovokx 2:11
CD2 | Recycled Plastik
Plastikman Krakpot 11:13
Plastikman Freek 6:44
Plastikman Kiropraktor 4:30
Plastikman OldSkool 5:05
Plastikman Spaz 7:41
Plastikman Naturalistik 4:39
Plastikman Elektrostatik 9:53
Plastikman Elektrix 5:57
Plastikman Gak (Remix) 6:52
Plastikman Sickness 7:51
Plastikman Panikattack 8:41
CD3 | Musik
Plastikman Konception 8:03
Plastikman Plastique 13:15
Plastikman Kriket 5:35
Plastikman Fuk 5:01
Plastikman Outbak 5:13
Plastikman Ethnik 9:03
Plastikman Plasmatik 5:25
Plastikman Goo 2:02
Plastikman Marbles 11:06
Plastikman Lasttrak 8:22
CD4 | Artifakts (BC)
Plastikman Korridor 5:48
Plastikman Psyk 8:30
Plastikman Pakard 12:13
Plastikman Hypokondriak 10:34
Plastikman Konstant 7:49
Plastikman Rekall 10:46
Plastikman Skizofrenik 4:59
Plastikman Are Friends Elektrik? 12:58
Plastikman Lodgikal Nonsense 2:18
CD5 | Consumed
Plastikman Contain 8:28
Plastikman Consume 11:19
Plastikman Passage (In) 0:54
Plastikman Cor Ten 6:49
Plastikman Convulse (Sic) 1:24
Plastikman Ekko 3:56
Plastikman Converge 4:24
Plastikman Locomotion 8:47
Plastikman In Side 12:36
Plastikman Consumed 11:44
Plastikman Passage (Out) 3:07
CD6 | Closer
Plastikman Ask Yourself 8:45
Plastikman Mind Encode 5:43
Plastikman Lost 3:47
Plastikman Disconnect 5:41
Plastikman Slow Poke (Twilight Zone Mix) 8:24
Plastikman Headcase 9:16
Plastikman Ping Pong 9:27
Plastikman Mind In Rewind 10:19
Plastikman I No 3:39
Plastikman I Don't Know 11:06
CD7 | Sessions
Spastik Original Recording Sessions
Plastikman Part 1 14:24
Plastikman Part 2 4:56
Plastikman Clap Break 0:13
Plastikman Snares & Claps 0:12
Plastikman Snare Outtakes 0:11
Plastikman Rides 0:57
Plastikman Rides & Snares 0:57
Plastikman Ending Effects 1:16
Plastikman Spastik (Original Version) 9:20
Plastikman Spastik (Dubfire Rework) 9:30
John Peel Session: Plastikman
Plastikman PP001 8:29
Plastikman Dubfunk 5:45
Plastikman Helikopter 6:22
Plastikman Manik 6:34
Spastik Live Sessions
Plastikman Live At Spastik (Slak & Kriket) 7:15
Plastikman Live At Transcendance (Spastik) 2:35
CD8 | Nostalgik
Plastikman Snark 8:34
Plastikman Aquatik 10:43
Plastikman Plinkplonk 7:13
Plastikman Kink 6:41
Plastikman Plonker 5:12
Plastikman Panikattack (Second Attack Remix) 8:05
CD9 | Rekonstruktions I
La Funk Mob Motorbass Get Funked Up (Elektrophunk Remix) 6:48
Attica Blues Blueprint (Slakked Plastik Remix) 8:51
Bomb The Bass One To One Religion (Space Funk Remix) 8:13
Mickey Hart And Zakir Hussain Umayeyo (Slakked Plastik Remix) 6:35
Blood Sucker Markiv (Plastikman's Rejected Mix) 6:21
Talvin Singh Vikram The Vampire (South Of Detroit Mix) 9:48
Depeche Mode Painkiller (Plastikman Mix) 8:40
Robotman Hypnofreek (Plastikman Unreleased Remix) 6:18
Kalisto* JAK Rabbit (Plastikman's Acid House Remix) 9:23
CD10 | Rekonstruktions II
New Order Blue Monday (Plastikman Remix) 8:02
Winx* Don't Laugh (Richie Hawtin Remix) 12:15
X-Press 2 Rock 2 House (Plastikman's Acid House Remix) 10:23
Heartthrob Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix) 8:00
Hardfloor Into The Nature (Plastikman Remix) 10:26
Robotman Do Da Doo (Plastikman's Acid House Remix) 11:59
System 7 Alpha Wave (Plastikman's Acid House Remix Edit) 13:11
CD11 | Arkive Mix
Plastikman Korruption (1994) 8:21
Plastikman Rakjaktak (1993) 6:22
Plastikman Plastique Vox (2010 Jochem Paap Mix) 0:55
Plastikman Pakard Discontinued Model Version (1997) 7:31
Plastikman Nostalgik String Except (1997) 1:18
Plastikman Konceiled (1998) 6:34
Plastikman Compress (1997) 3:13
Plastikman Compression (1997) 1:34
Plastikman Collapse (1997) 4:44
Plastikman Close (2002) 4:10
Plastikman First, Last And Always (2002) 3:07
Plastikman Ask Yourself (2010 Jochem Paap Mix) 0:33
Plastikman Detached (2003) 6:55
Plastikman Inside U (2003) 7:10
Plastikman Ask Yourself (2010 Jochem Paap Mix) 1:12
Plastikman Disconnect First Version (2003) 4:32
Plastikman Closed (2002) 1:39
CD12 | Arkived
Plastikman Spastik Jak (1994) 5:15
Plastikman We Wanna Jak (Acetate Version) (1994) 4:00
Plastikman Monkee (1994) 4:33
Plastikman Tom Tom (1995) 7:29
Plastikman Slinky (1995) 6:21
Plastikman Snarkish (1996) 7:18
Plastikman Baktrak (1997) 8:40
Plastikman Ekko (Unedited Version) (1997) 9:03
Plastikman Fokus (1997) 1:14
Plastikman Krakked (2003) 6:48
Plastikman Akoustik (2008) 7:22
CD13 | Replikants I
Plastikman Ask Yourself (Cliff Martinez Remix) 6:13
Plastikman Disconnect (Alva Noto Remodel) 6:24
Plastikman Sheets 'N' Blankets (Crazy Sheet Soul Center Variation) 9:22
Plastikman Are Friends Electrik? (Convertible Remix) 6:29
Plastikman I Don't Know (Carter Tutti Remix) 6:54
Plastikman Pakard (Flood's See You On The Other Side Remix) 9:09
Plastikman Akoustik (F.K. Remix) 9:03
Plastikman Mind In Rewind (Carl Craig Prog 47 Remix) 11:05
Plastikman I Don't Know (Kazuya Nagaya Remix) 13:46
CD14 | Replikants II
Plastikman Plasticity (Dubfire Remix) 9:46
Plastikman Krakpot (Moby Remix) 8:35
Plastikman Mind In Rewind (Steve Bicknell Lost Remix) 5:51
Plastikman Gak (Gaiser's Oozing Through Windsor Tunnel Remix) 7:12
Plastikman Mind Encode (Severed Heads Remix) 3:53
Plastikman Ping Pong (Ambivalent's Consumed By Pong's Remix) 6:59
Plastikman Oedipus Komplex (Heartthrob Rework) 7:00
Plastikman Helikopter (Green Velvet Remix) 7:26
Plastikman Ask Yourself (MK Remix Hawtin Edit) 4:36
Plastikman Elektrostatik (Vince Clarke Remix) 4:41
Plastikman Mind In Rewind (Berg Nixon Remix) 5:18
Plastikman Prototype (Peter Namlook Re-Interpretation) 3:10
CD15 | Extrakts
Fuse* Vs. Plastikman Krossover 8:59
Plastikman Plastique (Short Video Mix) 4:40
Plastikman Hump 5:27
Plastikman Afrika 7:36
Plastikman Psykik 5:50
Plastikman PK 7:40
Plastikman Disconnect (Single Edit) 3:12
Plastikman Digital Divide 10:38
Plastikman Circles 5:48
Plastikman Risk Assessment 8:46
DVD16 | Optik
Plastikman Ask Yourself (DVD Intro) 1:44
Plastikman Mind Encode (Video) 3:55
Plastikman Lost (Video) 3:14
Plastikman Disconnect (Video) 3:13
Plastikman Psyk (Video) 6:53
Plastikman Converge (Video) 4:32
Plastikman Schizofrenik (Video) 2:56
Plastikman Plastique (Video) 4:41
Plastikman Epok (TV Commercial) 2:02
Plastikman Glastonbury Displaced (Short Film) 8:08
Plastikman Image Gallery 8:38
Plastikman Kommentary (Short Film) 10:37
Plastikman Kredits 0:35
Plastikman Akoustik (F.K. Remix) 9:05
Plastikman Lodgikal Nonsense (Matthew Dear's False Remix) 9:52
Plastikman Mind In Rewind (Steve Bicknell Lost Remix) 5:51
Plastikman Mind In Rewind (Berg Nixon Remix) 5:16
Plastikman Plasticity (Dubfire Remix) 9:58
Plastikman Krakpot (Moby Remix) 8:34
Plastikman Helikopter (Green Velvet Remix) 7:25
Plastikman Ping Pong (Ambivalent's Consumed By Pong's Remix) 6:58
Plastikman Mind In Rewind (Carl Craig Prog 47 Remix) 11:08
Plastikman Oedipus Komplex (Heartthrob Rework) 6:59
Plastikman I Don't Know (Psyche's Haunted Whisper Remix Featuring Darrin Huss) 11:55
Plastikman Disconnect (Gaiser's Out Of Touch Remix) 6:50
Plastikman Plastique (Mathew Jonson's Togarashi Remix) 7:56

Versions (7)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
MINUS 100 Plastikman Arkives 1993 - 2010(Box, Ltd, Boo + 6xCD, Album, RM + 9xCD, Comp + DVD) M_nus MINUS 100 Europe 2011 Sell This Version
MINUS100PROMOCD-1 Plastikman Arkives Mix (1993 - 2010)(CD, Comp, Mixed, Promo, Car) M_nus MINUS100PROMOCD-1 USA, Canada & UK 2010 Sell This Version
MINUS100PR Plastikman Arkives Promo (1993 - 2010)(2xCD, Comp, Mixed, Promo) M_nus MINUS100PR USA, Canada & UK 2010 Sell This Version
MINUS100 Plastikman Arkives (1993-2010)(187xFile, AIFF, Comp + 4xFile, AAC, 320) M_nus MINUS100 Europe 2011
MINUS 100 Plastikman Arkives 1993 - 2010(249xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) M_nus MINUS 100 Europe 2011
Minus100analog Plastikman Arkives 1993 - 2010(6x12", Comp + Box) M_nus Minus100analog Europe 2011 Sell This Version
MINUS 100 Plastikman Arkives 1993 - 2010(Box, Ltd, Boo + 6xCD, Album, RM + 9xCD, Comp + DVD) M_nus MINUS 100 Europe 2011 Sell This Version


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July 30, 2016
referencing Arkives 1993 - 2010, Box, Ltd, Boo + 6xCD, Album, RM + 9xCD, Comp + DVD, MINUS 100
even if you have all of the albums and dont care for the outtakes, you really got to check out the book. its one of the most inspirational things I have read and it just takes you back in time.


December 30, 2015
edited 3 months ago
referencing Arkives 1993 - 2010, Box, Ltd, Boo + 6xCD, Album, RM + 9xCD, Comp + DVD, MINUS 100
Arkives was a very disapointing experience with the music of Plastikman imo. The vinyl box is really disapointing and do not includes any unreleased Plastikman tracks. The unmixed versions of the albums are presented in mp3 only. Unreleased or rare tracks from Plasitkman have been dispached in a 15 CDs box set while it could be done in 2 CDs... The book remains the best part of it.


May 28, 2015
referencing Arkives 1993 - 2010, 6x12", Comp + Box, Minus100analog
Mind Rewind (Carl Craig Mix) is just Master piece 5/5


June 11, 2014
referencing Arkives 1993 - 2010, Box, Ltd, Boo + 6xCD, Album, RM + 9xCD, Comp + DVD, MINUS 100
This compilation should be called "stuff I found in Recycle Bin".
I love Hawtin and techno, but this 15CD collection is mostly filler


January 29, 2014
edited over 2 years ago
referencing Arkives 1993 - 2010, Box, Ltd, Boo + 6xCD, Album, RM + 9xCD, Comp + DVD, MINUS 100

Here's the full production Richie Hawtin known for: Plastikman.

It includes CDs and a DVD, and a book in a cardboard box of very good qualities. A beautiful box set.

Found on the first 6 discs are the albums "Sheet One", "Recycled plastik", "Musik", "Artifakts (BC)", "Consumed" and "Closer" in remastered edition.

The rest are rare or unreleased tracks (alternative versions or drafts and trials, live versions, remixes by Richie Hawtin and Plastikman songs by other artists). Exceptions (VIII CD) discs last between 60 and 80 minutes. The DVD includes seven videos from various videos including a few constituting an image gallery.

The sound quality is simply excellent, and the content is very interesting. I think any fan of Plastikman can only be delighted by the content of this beautiful box.


December 26, 2011
referencing Arkives 1993 - 2010, Box, Ltd, Boo + 6xCD, Album, RM + 9xCD, Comp + DVD, MINUS 100

Not particularly the best experience - firstly this preorder only item was delayed 9 months though M-Nus were happy to hold onto my EU159. A nice build quality but whoever put the book together was no professional designer. Vinyl had a pressing defect but M_Nus didn't want to know even though I offered to pay for a replacement or buy another box if they had one around. All in all I feel a little cheated on this one...


October 19, 2011
edited over 5 years ago
referencing Arkives 1993 - 2010, Box, Ltd, Boo + 6xCD, Album, RM + 9xCD, Comp + DVD, MINUS 100
This box was released by the same man who posted a picture of a vinyl-DJ on his official FB-fanpage with the following comment: "Is this "DJ" pulling records behind him? Is this Berlin 2011 or NYC/Detroit/Chicago 1988? How far we've come and how little we've progressed!".
So basically this man calls us, vinyl addicts, losers and dino's yet he shamelessly sells vinyl boxes of his Plastikcrap and maxi's on his shabby microwave minimal label Minus to the same people he's trashing. This man has surpassed the level of douchebag.


August 25, 2011
referencing Arkives 1993 - 2010, Box, Ltd, Boo + 6xCD, Album, RM + 9xCD, Comp + DVD, MINUS 100
This was going to be a late christmas present from my wife. But as my birthday is on the 30th August it is now an early birthday present. It has been a long wait but as I have been buying plus8 and plastikman for 20 years(wow were did the time go)this is the icing on the cake for any fan. The whole package is superb and is without doubt something that is the true benchmark.