Pocket Fishrmen ‎– Live At The Fish Fry

The Rock Garage ‎– 825479310227
CD, Album


1 Intro 1:30
2 Sex Billy 1:49
3 Big Ass On Fire 2:24
4 Intellectuals Rocking For Woman 3:10
5 Flaccid Is The Night 3:44
6 Dead Dog 3:34
7 One Blowjob 3:53
8 Missy Le Hand 3:02
9 Yin For Your Yang 3:50
10 The Leader Is Burning 2:44
11 Go Saddam Hussein 2:17
12 Up In The Treehouse 2:14
13 Amy Carter 3:51
14 Go Out Smoking 5:48
15 We Kill Evil 5:50



The Pocket FishRmen are one of Austin's most legendary bands. For the last 25 years they have been playing live shows regularly for a faithfully adoring audience. In the early days they were regulars on a triple bill which consisted of The Butthole Surfers, Ed Hall and The Pocket FishRmen. Old flyers can still be found with this Trifecta. The Pocket FisheRmen Live at the Fish Fry is the first full length release from The Rock Garage Texas Live Concert Series, a live recording project based in Austin TX, recording the city's most notable acts. For the last three years, The Pocket FishRmen have hosted an annual Fish Fry Benefit party for various charities featuring multiple acts and local artist silent auctions. This year's charity recipient was the Bill Hicks Wildlife Rescue fund founded after the passing of the late outlaw comedian.