Polymer Slug ‎– Cloud Types

Overland Shark ‎– none
Cassette, Limited Edition, C36


A1 Slight Thermal Uplift 1:29
A2 Droplets 1:15
A3 Solar Deflection 1:59
A4 Trade Winds 1:56
A5 Monsoon Trough 1:57
A6 Valley Exit Jet 1:00
A7 Blocking Pattern 2:29
A8 Small Winds 2:07
A9 Advection Fog 2:10
A10 Stratus Undulatus 2:29
B11 Pink Sunrise 1:23
B12 Coriolis Effect 1:32
B13 Cirrus Uncinus 2:25
B14 Slow Nimbostratus 2:59
B15 Cumulus Mediocris 1:50
B16 Decaying Contrail 1:59
B17 Cirrocumulus 2:59
B18 Occluded Front 2:29


Cloud Types is a collection of one-take improvisational sessions from Chicago musician Adam Tramposh. This 36-minute album presents eighteen pieces, each under three minutes in duration and loosely inspired by the high drama of the earth & sky. An expansion of the sonic/emotional complexities characteristic of previous Slug exercises, this release finds Tramposh exploring these ideas in greater variation and with a wider palette of sounds.

This is the second Polymer Slug release on Overland Shark, including his 2010 debut Warm Forms.

Released 14 May 2011. Recorded in December 2010 at home in Chicago with a Zoom H2 Handy Recorder, utilizing a Roland Juno-60, Roland SP-404, Casiotone MT-65, and a Danelectro Baritone guitar. Art/design by Adam Tramposh. Released as a chrome pro-dubbed and imprinted cassette tape.