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4 × CD, Compilation
CD, CD-ROM, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition

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I Staggered Mentally
CD1-1 He Is Patriotic 3:06
CD1-2 Out Of Order 3:48
CD1-3 Plateau Stage 4:12
CD1-4 All Present And Correct 3:30
CD1-5 Karsic 3:19
CD1-6 Sex Crimes 4:28
CD1-7 Sure Is Kinda Spooky 2:28
CD1-8 Mass Disorder 4:56
CD1-9 Fiends 3:20
CD1-10 Sort Out 3:07
Hit The Pulse
CD1-11 Chew You To Bits (Version) 3:55
CD1-12 Discord 5:18
CD1-13 Crash Weight Gain 3:01
CD1-14 Eat Your Heart 4:07
CD1-15 Thrust Angle 2:54
CD1-16 Death By Venom (Ricochet Mix) 3:28
CD1-17 Abbodabbo 3:07
Step Forward
CD2-1 Refugee 4:05
CD2-2 Under The Skin 4:02
CD2-3 Mutie 1:54
CD2-4 Tex ~ Mex 3:43
CD2-5 Tongue Beat 2:25
CD2-6 Micro Box 1:46
CD2-7 Micro Box 2 0:39
CD2-8 Real Estate Cult 3:38
CD2-9 Tin 1:24
CD2-10 Havoc Man 4:55
CD2-11 319 1:17
CD2-12 Scramble 3:06
CD2-13 Son Of Go Talk 3:22
Psycho Bod Saves The World
CD2-14 Brain Scraper Death Dive 3:34
CD2-15 Siren City 2:45
CD2-16 Breaker Breaker 0:59
CD2-17 Danger Zone 3:40
CD2-18 Screen Of Death 4:10
CD2-19 Coming For You Baby 2:50
CD2-20 Fistful Of Creds 4:48
CD2-21 Trashville Baby 3:47
CD2-22 Cut And Thrust 3:46
CD2-23 H.O.T Matter 3:41
CD2-24 Soap Distant 1:33
CD3-1 Raise The Pulse 5:06
CD3-2 Go-Talk 5:25
CD3-3 The Great Divide 6:32
CD3-4 Karateka 4:08
Simulaté Sensual
CD3-5 Simulate Sensual 2:45
CD3-6 Bombay Cid 3:02
CD3-7 Elektrotechnik 4:46
CD3-8 Moving Towards A Waste 2:32
CD3-9 The Pressure Is High 2:49
CD3-10 New Phaze 3:19
CD3-11 Le Crunch 3:35
CD3-12 If I Could Spit 2:43
CD3-13 Return To Situation 2:18
CD3-14 He Is Patriotic 3:40
CD3-15 Come Alive 2:30
CD3-16 He Is A Barbarian 3:02
Surface And Be Seen
CD4-1 Spinola (Blotch) 1:23
CD4-2 Terror Leads To Better Days 3:27
CD4-3 Simple As ABC 3:38
CD4-4 Monstrous Bulk 1:06
CD4-5 He Is A Barbarian 3:49
Raise The Pulse
CD4-6 Raise The Pulse 5:49
CD4-7 Collapse 3:15
CD4-8 Bite My Head 4:43
Rough Justice
CD4-9 Rough Justice 4:28
CD4-10 Justice 6:34
CD4-11 The Man Who Did Backwards Somersaults 4:06
CD4-12 Go-Talk 4:05
CD4-13 Upsidedown 6:23
CD4-14 Dragdown 2:26
The Great Divide
CD4-15 The Great Divide 6:45
CD4-16 Divided 3:07
CD4-17 Bolt It Down 3:42
code 001
CD-ROM-MP3-1 He Is Patriotic 3:07
CD-ROM-MP3-2 Out Of Order 3:49
CD-ROM-MP3-3 Plateau Stage 4:13
CD-ROM-MP3-4 All Present And Correct 3:31
CD-ROM-MP3-5 Karsic 3:20
CD-ROM-MP3-6 Sex Crimes 4:29
CD-ROM-MP3-7 Sure Is Kinda Spooky 2:29
CD-ROM-MP3-8 Mass Disorder 4:57
CD-ROM-MP3-9 Fiends 3:20
CD-ROM-MP3-10 Sort Out 3:08
CD-ROM-MP3-11 Chew You To Bits (Version) 3:55
CD-ROM-MP3-12 Discord 5:19
CD-ROM-MP3-13 Crash Weight Gain 3:02
CD-ROM-MP3-14 Eat You Heart 4:08
CD-ROM-MP3-15 Thrust Angle 2:55
CD-ROM-MP3-16 Death By Venom (Richochet Mix) 3:30
CD-ROM-MP3-17 AbboDabbo 3:07
code 002
CD-ROM-MP3-18 Refugee 4:06
CD-ROM-MP3-19 Under The Skin 4:03
CD-ROM-MP3-20 Mutie 1:55
CD-ROM-MP3-21 Tex Mex 3:44
CD-ROM-MP3-22 Tongue Beat 2:26
CD-ROM-MP3-23 Micro Box 1:47
CD-ROM-MP3-24 Micro Box 2 0:40
CD-ROM-MP3-25 Real Estate Cult 3:40
CD-ROM-MP3-26 Tin 1:24
CD-ROM-MP3-27 Havoc Man 4:57
CD-ROM-MP3-28 319 1:18
CD-ROM-MP3-29 Scramble 3:07
CD-ROM-MP3-30 Son Of Go-Talk 3:22
CD-ROM-MP3-31 Brain Scraper Death Dive 3:35
CD-ROM-MP3-32 Siren City 2:47
CD-ROM-MP3-33 Breaker Breaker 0:59
CD-ROM-MP3-34 Danger Zone 3:41
CD-ROM-MP3-35 Screen Of Death 4:11
CD-ROM-MP3-36 Coming For You Baby 2:51
CD-ROM-MP3-37 Fistful Of Creds 4:50
CD-ROM-MP3-38 Trashville Baby 3:48
CD-ROM-MP3-39 Cut And Thrust 3:46
CD-ROM-MP3-40 H.O.T. Matter 3:42
CD-ROM-MP3-41 Soap Distant 1:34
code 003
CD-ROM-MP3-42 Raise The Pulse 5:07
CD-ROM-MP3-43 Go Talk 5:26
CD-ROM-MP3-44 The Great Divide 6:32
CD-ROM-MP3-45 Karateka 4:09
CD-ROM-MP3-46 Simulate Sensual 2:46
CD-ROM-MP3-47 Bombay Cid 3:01
CD-ROM-MP3-48 Elektrotechnik 4:48
CD-ROM-MP3-49 Moving Towards A Waste 2:33
CD-ROM-MP3-50 The Pressure Is High 2:49
CD-ROM-MP3-51 New Phaze 3:21
CD-ROM-MP3-52 Le Crunch 3:36
CD-ROM-MP3-53 If I Could Spit 2:44
CD-ROM-MP3-54 Return To Situation 2:19
CD-ROM-MP3-55 He Is Patriotic 3:41
CD-ROM-MP3-56 Come Alive 2:31
CD-ROM-MP3-57 He Is A Barbarian 3:03
code 004
CD-ROM-MP3-58 Spinola (Blotch) 3:24
CD-ROM-MP3-59 Terror Leads To Better Days 3:28
CD-ROM-MP3-60 Simple As ABC 3:40
CD-ROM-MP3-61 Monstrous Bulk 1:07
CD-ROM-MP3-62 He Is A Barbarian 3:49
CD-ROM-MP3-63 Raise The Pulse 5:50
CD-ROM-MP3-64 Collapse 3:16
CD-ROM-MP3-65 Bite My Head 4:45
CD-ROM-MP3-66 Rough Justice 4:29
CD-ROM-MP3-67 Justice 6:35
CD-ROM-MP3-68 The Man Who Did Backwards Somersaults 4:07
CD-ROM-MP3-69 Go Talk 4:05
CD-ROM-MP3-70 Upsidedown 6:24
CD-ROM-MP3-71 Dragdown 2:27
CD-ROM-MP3-72 The Great Divide 6:46
CD-ROM-MP3-73 Divided 3:08
CD-ROM-MP3-74 Upsidedown 3:43
CD-ROM-WAV Refugee (Rebuild)
Remix – Rhys Fulber

Companies, etc.


This release comes with a thick, card stock box. The individuals CDs are contained within card stock sleeves. The CDs and sleeves are individually numerated as "archive code001 - code 005."

The fifth disk, "archive code005," is labeled as "data" and includes every track that appeared on the first four disks, but as 320 kbps MP3 files, a collection of 135 jpeg images from c.1980-1990 and c.2003-2006, and the track, "Refugee (Rebuild)" by Rhys Fulber that is exclusive to this compilation and is a 1411 kbps WAV file. This fifth CD comes with the first pressing of 1000 copies.

A set of 3 to 4 buttons in a small bag secured by a folded Portion Control insert and stapled is also included for those who ordered directly from portion-control.net. This bag of pins has its own catalog, "PC.GEN2.PINS."

CD1-1 to CD1-10: originally released on 'I Staggered Mentally'
CD1-11 to CD1-17: originally released on Hit The Pulse
CD2-1 to CD2-13: originally released on ..Step Forward
CD2-14 to CD2-24: originally released on Psycho-Bod Saves The World
CD3-1 to CD3-4: originally released on Purge
CD3-5 to CD3-16: originally released on Simulate Sensual
CD4-1 to CD4-5: originally released on Surface And Be Seen
CD4-6 to CD4-8: originally released on Raise The Pulse
CD4-9 to CD4-11: originally released on Rough Justice
CD4-12 to CD4-14: originally released on Go-Talk
CD4-15 to CD4-17: originally released on The Great Divide

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): S41125 CODE001
  • Mastering SID Code (CD1): IFPI LD02
  • Mould SID Code (CD1, variant 1): IFPI 5J17
  • Mould SID Code (CD1, variant 2): IFPI 5J18
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): S41126 CODE002
  • Mastering SID Code (CD2): IFPI LD02
  • Mould SID Code (CD2, variant 1): IFPI 5J54
  • Mould SID Code (CD2, variant 2): IFPI 5J32
  • Matrix / Runout (CD3): S42022 CODE003
  • Mastering SID Code (CD3): IFPI LD02
  • Mould SID Code (CD3, variant 1): IFPI 5J36
  • Mould SID Code (CD3, variant 2): IFPI 5J58
  • Matrix / Runout (CD4): S41127 CODE004
  • Mastering SID Code (CD4): IFPI LD02
  • Mould SID Code (CD4, variant 1 & 2): IFPI 5J36
  • Matrix / Runout (CD5): S40808 CODE005
  • Mastering SID Code (CD5): IFPI LD02
  • Mould SID Code (CD5, variant 1): IFPI 5J39
  • Mould SID Code (CD5, variant 2): IFPI 5J54



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April 22, 2007
edited over 2 years ago
Never before has so much electronic music history been contained in such a tidy and well-constructed box. If you've ever been curious as to who or what Portion Control are about, here's your chance. Almost everything from their first run (1980-86) can be found within "Archive's" vast scope. Classic albums such as 1982's "I Staggered Mentally" are finally available to a wider audience. An entire disc is dedicated to their singles, which include the seminal cuts "Raise The Pulse" and, of course, "Chew You to Bits".

Upon purchasing this thing, you may find your faith in a lot of the so-called "innovators" of electronic music faultering. Only Cabaret Voltaire's "Attic Tapes" set comes close to this monster of a release.

Equally impressive are the posters which come with this set and interestingly enough amalgamate several PC designs into their layout. This is immaculately planned out and will further demonstrate how Portion Control are more vital than ever. No collection should be without this.