Prince ‎– The Sign O' The Times Tour 1987

Sabotage Records (2) ‎– SAB #452-457
6 × CD, Unofficial Release


MTV Awards, Universal City, California, U.S.A. : 11th September 1987
1-1 Sign O' The Times
1-2 Play In The Sunshine
First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. : 21st March 1987
1-3 Introduction By Prince
1-4 Housequake
1-5 Girls & Boys
1-6 Slow Love
1-7 Hot Thing
1-8 Now's The Time
1-9 Drum Solo
1-10 Strange Relationship
1-11 Forever In My Life
1-12 Kiss
1-13 It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night - Take The A-Train - Six
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, NBC Studio 3, Burbank, California, U.S.A. : 1st December 1987
1-14 Sheila E. - Now's The Time - Drum Solo - Interview
One-Off Appearance - Rupert's Club, Golden Valley, Minnesota, U.S.A. : 5th September 1987
2-1 Sign O' The Times
2-2 Play In The Sunshine
2-3 Little Red Corvette
2-4 Housequake
2-5 The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker - Four
2-6 The Sex Of It
2-7 Now's The Time - Drum Solo
2-8 Girls & Boys
2-9 Slow Love
2-10 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
2-11 Love And Happiness
2-12 I Want To Take You Higher
2-13 Let's Go Crazy
2-14 When Doves Cry (Including La, La, La, He, He, Hee)
2-15 Purple Rain
2-16 1999
2-17 Kiss
2-18 I'll Take You There
3-1 Mother Popcorn
3-2 It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night - Take The A-Train
Sign O' The Times Tour Aftershow - Le New Morning, Paris, France : 15th June 1987
3-3 Purple House
3-4 I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl) - Nine
3-5 Instrumental Groove (Including Holly Rock Lyrics)
3-6 Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
3-7 What Did I Do
3-8 Mutiny
3-9 Sex Machine - It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night - Cold Sweat - Love Or $ - Six
One-Off Appearance - The Fine Line Café, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. : 5th December 1987
3-10 Instrumental Jam
4-1 Eleven
4-2 Uptempo Instrumental Jam
4-3 Eleven (Reprise)
4-4 Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) - Villanova Junction
4-5 Bass And Drum Solo
4-6 Freddie Freeloader
4-7 Jack U Off - Twelve
4-8 Drum Solo
4-9 Chain Of Fools - It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night - Take The A-Train - Housequake
Sign O' The Times Tour - Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden : 12th May 1987
4-10 La, La, La, He, He, Hee
Sign O' The Times Tour - Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden : 8th May 1987
4-11 Both Sides Now
First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. : 21st March 1987 (soundboard source)
5-1 Strange Relationship
New Year's Eve Concert - Paisley Park, Chanhassen, Minnesota, U.S.A. : 31st December 1987
5-2 Now's The Time - Drum Solo
5-3 Hot Thing
5-4 If I Was Your Girlfriend
5-5 Let's Go Crazy (Including Land Of 1,000 Dances)
5-6 When Doves Cry (Including La, La, La, He, He, Hee)
5-7 Purple Rain - Auld Lang Syne
5-8 1999
5-9 U Got The Look
5-10 It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night #1
6-1 It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night #2
Sign O' The Times Tour Aftershow - Club U4, Vienna, Austria : 29th May 1987
6-2 Housequake (Including For Love Horn Riff)
6-3 The Ball - Holly Rock
6-4 Girls & Boys Jam
6-5 Adore
6-6 I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl) - Nine With Feline Riff
6-7 Rock Guitar Jam
6-8 Purple Rain (Edit)
Sign O' The Times Tour - Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland : 20th May 1987
6-9 Koo Koo
Sign O' The Times Tour - Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany : 2nd June 1987
6-10 A Love Bizarre - Lines - Superfunkycalifragisexy
Sign O' The Times Tour - Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy : 9th June 1987
6-11 Soul Salsa

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* Packaged with deluxe 24-page color booklet *
Sabotage Records’ City Lights Remastered Vol. 6 ! (SAB #452-457)

We just mastered this latest volume from our acclaimed concert series. It consists of six extremely diverse club shows from Prince’s 1987 Sign O' The Times era plus various bonus tracks in clearly improved sound quality. A whole week of mastering studio time has been invested, so what you get here are simply THE BEST REMASTERS EVER AVAILABLE OF ALL SHOWS INCLUDED!

Disc 1 encompasses the earliest documented Sign O' The Times concert that Prince ever performed in front of an audience. It’s the classic test gig from First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, taped on 21 March 1987. As bonus there are newly enhanced recordings of both songs he presented with live vocals and live guitar over a pre-recorded backing track at the MTV Music Awards on 11 September 1987 and also, for the first time on CD, Sheila E’s live appearance on The Tonight Show (previously hosted by Johnny Carson, here with a freshly installed Jay Leno instead) to perform Charles Parker’s Now‘s The Time and to promote the concert movie Sign O’ The Times on 1 December 1987.

Disc 2 features a long gig at Rupert’s Nightclub in Golden Valley, MN, taped on 5 September 1987. The set performed contained several rare choices and cover versions, including The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker, The Sex Of It, Love And Happiness [Al Green], I Want To Take You Higher [Sly Stone], I’ll Take You There [The Staple Singers] and Mother Popcorn [James Brown].

Disc 3 has the only French aftershow from that year, the classic New Morning concert from Paris, delivered on 15 June 1987 AM. Highlights to mention are the cover versions Purple House [Jimi Hendrix], I Got My Mind Made Up [Instant Funk] and Prince‘s own What Did I Do?

Disc 4 is a fresh approach at a pretty odd Prince event: an all-instrumental gig from The Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis, MN, played on 5 December 1987. Fully remastered from an amateurish fan release, this includes Eleven, Freddie Freeloader [by Miles Davis], Jack U Off and many more.

Disc 5 brings you a soundboard-recorded Strange Relationship from First Avenue, Mpls, MN, 21 March 1987 plus the longest and best-sounding soundboard recording of Prince’s Paisley Park concert with special guests Miles Davis and Joe ‘Foley’ McCreary. Auld Lang Syne is performed.

Disc 6 has a benefit gig from club U4, a tiny disco in Vienna, Austria from 29 May 1987 AM plus additional live rarities from the European leg of the Sign O’ The Times tour 1987. The U4 recording stands out for its only-ever inclusion of a live take on the outtake The Ball. Prince also presents Adore and several rather unusual incarnations of well-known compositions.

All material included has carefully been revised according to today’s advanced possibilities and standards in studio mastering. Here are the most obvious improvements over any previous release:

- MTV’s own glitches (mainly in Prince’s lead vocals) fixed
- 30 Hz hum noise removed
In short: This is the longest and best sounding recording of that gig available on any CD release.

- remastered from an old Moonraker release
- start-IDs corrected
- 60 Hz power supply hum noise filtered
- transients, compression fixed up
- final three songs assimilated (previously too bass-heavy)

THE TONIGHT SHOW, BURBANK, CA, 1 DECEMBER 1987 (soundboard; 6:30 min)
- EQ’ed, dehissed and decrackled
Never available on CD before.

- remastered from an old Thunderball release
- recording speed/ pitch corrected, affecting total playing time (up half a semi-note = +2.93%)
- EQ’ed (lower frequencies boosted between 200 and 500 Hz, also 2.6 kHz range boosted, metallic sounding 9.4 kHz treble lowered)
- harmonics enhanced by means of a tube effect
- dehissed
- dehummed (60 Hz/ 120 Hz)
- decrackled (Purple Rain in particular)
- alternating treble during ?rst song (Sign O’ The Times) repaired
- digital glitches and feedback removed from Sign O’ The Times and Play In The Sunshine
- dropouts removed from Mother Popcorn, Kiss, Love And Happiness, I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, Girls & Boys-intro
- missing transitions in between songs restalled after I Want To Take You Higher, I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, Slow Love, Four

NEW MORNING, PARIS, FRANCE, 15 JUNE 1987 AM (52:20 min)
- remastered from an old Thunderball release
- lower register overmodulations removed
- digital glitches, drop-outs and feedback removed on Purple House, I Got My Mind Made Up, Just My Imagination and Sexmachine
- minute-long, high-frequency noise and disturbing whistles removed on Sexmachine

- remastered from the longest known recording
- Start-IDs/ song titles corrected
- EQ’ed
- previous, lousy fan-applied filtering repaired (within technical limitations)
- harmonics enhanced
- all missing transitions in between songs restalled

FIRST AVENUE, MINNEAPOLIS, MN, 21 MARCH 1987 (soundboard; 4:40 min)
- mastered from an NPG MC ’Ahdio Show’
Prince had given order to camouflage the word "fuckin" (from the song’s line "Isn’t it a shame, this ain’t a fuckin’ movie“) by playing it backwards in the NPG MC track. That brief passage has now been turned around again to represent the live recording in its original form.

PAISLEY PARK, CHANHASSEN, MN, 31 DECEMBER 1987 (soundboard; 85:30 min)
- remastered from the best known audio sources of this show
- Now’s The Time/ drum solo by Sheila E. re-integrated
- stereo image broadened
- denoised and annoying 60/ 120/ 180 Hz hum removed
- massive (!) feedback problems from original source retouched one by one – to fantastic results… without (!) affecting the total playing time of the recording

CLUB U4, VIENNA, AUSTRIA, 29 MAY 1987 AM (over 60:00 min)
- remastered from the two best audio sources of this show; EQ’ed and dehissed
- lots (!) of annoying comments from the audience retouched without (!) shortening the recording

2 additional bonus tracks are featured on disc 6 of this superb set. (10:00 min)

- TOTAL PLAYING TIME: 8 hours (80:00; 79:54; 80:00; 77:34; 80:00; 80:00)
- GUESTS FEATURED: Bobby Z. Rivkin, Dale Alexander, Miles Davis, Joe ‘Foley’ McCreary
- LINER NOTES & PHOTOS: 20 pages, printed in full color plus gold; more than 100 pictures included; excellent liner notes provided
- PACKAGING: all-transparent jewel case