Pro Cantione Antiqua ‎– Ars Britannica - Old Hall Manuscript - Lute Songs Madrigals

Telefunken ‎– 6.35494
3 × Vinyl, LP


A1 John Cooke (2) Alma Proles 4:25
A2 John Dunstable Crux Fidelis 5:42
A3 John Forest Qualis Est Dilectus 3:06
A4 John Dunstable O Crux Gloriosa 4:30
A5 Pycard Gloria 2:50
B1 Thomas Damett Salve Porta Paradisi 1:16
B2 John Dunstable Gaude Virgo 5:24
B3 Leonel Power Credo 4:32
B4 John Dunstable Albanus Roseo Rutilat 6:40
B5 Robert Chirbury Agnus Dei 2:08
C1 Thomas Weelkes Those Sweet Delightful Lilies 2:15
C2 Thomas Weelkes Some Men Desire Spouses 2:52
C3 John Ward (5) Retire, My Troubled Soul 3:17
C4 Thomas Morley Hark Jolly Sheperds 1:57
C5 William Byrd Come Woeful Orpheus 4:57
C6 Thomas Weelkes Come Sirrah Jack Ho ! 1:14
C7 John Ward (5) Oh My Thoughts Surcease 2:05
C8 Thomas Morley Die Now, My Heart 3:20
D1 Thomas Tomkins O Let Me Die For True Love 4:32
D2 John Wilbye Lady, When I Behold 2:32
D3 Thomas Weelkes Come, Let's Begin To Revel't Out 1:53
D4 Francis Pilkington Care For Thy Soul 4:50
D5 John Wilbye As Matchless Beauty 2:50
D6 John Wilbye Weep, O Mine Eyes 2:16
D7 Thomas Morley You Black Bright Stars 1:31
D8 Thomas Tomkins Oyez, Has Any Found A Lad ? 1:58
E1 Francis Pilkington Diaphenia 2:24
E2 Robert Jones (4) Thinkst Thou Kate 1:53
E3 Francis Pilkington Down-A-Down 2:53
E4 John Dowland A Shepherd In A Shade 3:04
E5 John Dowland Fine Knacks For Ladies 2:43
E6 John Dowland Where Sin Sore Wounding 2:30
E7 Thomas Campion Never Weather-Beaten Sail 2:40
E8 Thomas Campion Jack And Jone 2:18
F1 Thomas Ford Since First I Saw 3:04
F2 Thomas Ford There Is A Lady 3:33
F3 John Dowland I Must Complain 3:27
F4 Thomas Campion A Secret Love 2:03
F5 John Dowland Sweet, Stay Awhile 4:26
F6 John Dowland Mr.Dowland's Midnight 1:38
F7 John Dowland Now, Oh Now I Needs Must Part 4:23