Prokofiev* - Gennady Rozhdestvensky*, Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra ‎– The Stone Flower

3 × Vinyl, LP
Box Set


A1a No. 1: The Mistress Of The Copper Mountain
A1b No. 2: Danilo And His Work
Act I (Part 1) (Scene 1)
A1c No. 3: Danilo's Search For The Perfect Flower
A1d No. 4: Katerina's Arrival
A1e No. 5: Scene And Lyrical Duet
A1f No. 6: Intermezzo - Severian Leaves With His Henchmen
A1g No. 7: Round Dance
A1h No. 8: Katerina's Dance Before The Betrothal, And Exit
Act I (Part 2) (Scene 2)
B1a No. 9: Girl's Dance
B1b No. 10: Danilo's Dance
B1c No. 11: Bachelor's Dance
B1d No. 12: Severian's Arrival
B1e No. 13: Quarrel About The Vase
B1f No. 14: Intervention Of Katerina And Lyrical Duel
B1g No. 15: Danilo's Reverie
Act I (Conclusion) (Scene 3)
B1h No. 16: The Mistress Of The Copper Mountain Calls Danilo
Act II (Part 1) (Scene 4)
C1a No. 17: The Mistress Of The Copper Mountain Shows Danilo The Riches Of The Land
C1b No. 18: The Mistress And Danilo
C1c No. 19: Waltz Of The Diamonds
C1d No. 20: Dance Of The Semi-Precious Stones
C1e No. 21: Waltz
D1a No. 22: Danilo's Monologue And The Mistress's Answer
D1b No. 23: The Mistress Shows Danilo The Stone Flower
D1c No. 24: Interlude
(Scene 5)
D1d No. 25: Katerina's Dance
D1e No. 26: Severian's Arrival
D1f No. 27: Katerina Calls For Danilo
D1g No. 28: Katerina's Vision Of The Mistress Of The Copper Mountain
Act III (Part 1) (Scene 6 - The Fair)
D1h No. 29: Uralian Rhapsody
Act III (Part 2) (Scene 6)
E1a No. 30: Intermezzo
E1b No. 31: Russian Dance
(Scene 7)
E1c No. 32: Gypsy Dance
E1d No. 33: Severian's Dance
E1e No. 34: Gypsy's Solo
E1f No. 35: Katerina's Appearance And Severian's Anger
E1g No. 36: Spell Cast On Severian
F1a No. 37: Severian Follows The Mistress Of The Copper Mountain
F1b No. 38: Severian Turned To Stone And Swallowed By The Ground
Act IV (Scene 8)
F1c No. 39: Katerina Near The Bonfire, Longs For Danilo
F1d No. 40: Katerina's Dance
F1e No. 41: Katerina Follows The Fire Maiden
F1f No. 42: Dialogue Between Katerina And The Mistress
F1g No. 43: Danilo's Transformation
F1h No. 44: Happiness At Seeing Each Other
F1i No. 45: The Mistress Of The Copper Mountain Blesses Their Marriage
F1j No. 46: Epilogue

Companies, etc.



Issued with 8-page booklet containing liner notes, synopsis and photographs

Ⓟ 1971, recorded by Melodiya in the USSR

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side 1 Runout): 2YRM 1319-1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side 2 Runout): 2YRM 1320-1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side 3 Runout): 2YRM 1321-1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side 4 Runout): 2YRM 1322-1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side 5 Runout): 2YRM 1323-1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side 6 Runout): 2YRM 1324-1