The Psychedelic Avengers ‎– And The Curse Of The Universe

FünfUndVierzig ‎– Fünfundvierzig 148
CD, Album


1 In Which The Mighty Silver Wing Leaves The Solar System, Starts Its Old, Tremendous Metagrav Drive And Jumps Into Hyperspace 10:18
2 Tthe Sub-Techmeric Wave Reaches The Nimbus System 0:28
3 A Dreadful Suspicion 0:52
4 A Daring Escape Through The Asteroid Fields Of The Jugon 3:21
5 The Discovery Of The Lost Transdimensional Time-Space Vortex On The Iceplanet Of Vistar 3:19
6 In Which Young Space Pilot Lex Hunter Finds Out That A Beta Booster Sound System, Two Teenage Psycho Nymphs From Bebulas 5, Three Orgasmatron Pills And Zero Gravity Can Make A Pretty Good Party 3:10
7 Trapped Beneath The Silverdome Of The Undead Teenage Lesbian Mutant Vampire Queens From Veneris Prime 5:46
8 Mistress Saya 5:19
9 The Decterian Factory Planet Of Kraam Crezuum 4:13
10 An Ordinary Evening On Board Of The Silver Wing On One Of Those Cold And Lonely Interstellar Nights 4:16
11 Inside A Bruzzceegurian Kitchen Strange Things Can Happen To A Man With Short Legs 3:08
12 The Wedding Of The Zygmeterian Princess Liliane The 2nd 3:22
13 Past The Red Suns Of The Nerverian Nebula, Beyond Whom Only Loneliness Lies 9:15
14 In Which The Decterian Blood Demons Take Bloody Revenge 6:13
15 The Curse Of The Universe 6:02
16 In Which Death Has Silver Wings 7:13

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  • Barcode: 4015698427424