Psylent Buddhi ‎– 1997 - 2003

10 × File, MP3, WAV, 192 kbps


1 Sonorush 2:04
2 Lunar Core 9:54
3 Moksha 11:49
4 Neura 8:47
5 Convergent Images 9:01
6 Secrets Of The Atom 8:56
7 Metalucid 8:26
8 Retrocede 9:19
9 In The Stream 16:21
10 Winter Tickle 9:45


Available as free download from website.

"1997 - 2003 is, as the album title suggests, a collection of tracks created between 1997 and 2003. Some of them were featured on the first version of or other music sites in the late nineties, while others haven’t seen the light of day until now. Apart from Retrocede, Metalucid and Winter Tickle, the tracks were produced using an eclectic combination of Impulse Tracker, Rebirth, Dreamstation and Acid. The earliest tracks were recovered from mp3s and remastered." [from the album page on site]

"Some of the tracks have been floating around the internet on various music sites for years now, but I've included a few tracks that have never been released before. Unfortunately I lost the sourcefiles to many of these tracks a long time ago, and all I had left were compressed mp3 versions of the tracks. I did do some remastering of the tracks, but it's far from optimal using mp3s encoded at 128 or 160kbps as the source. For instance, the track Lunar Core was resting comfortably on a backup disc I made in 1998, until I dug it out and decided to include it on the album. The only version I had of that track was a noisy, low-volume 128kbps mp3 file. I've attempted to clean it up a bit, boost the volume and make the mix appear a tad more transparent. I didn't quite succeed, but included it anyway, as I find it to be a nice piece of acidtrance. But alas, the soundquality of a lot of these tracks, well, flat out suck. Hopefully it's still marginally enjoyable." [from the artist's journal on site]

File tags reveal dates for tracks as follows:
1: 1997
2: 1998
3, 4: 1999
5, 9, 10: 2000
6, 7: 2001
8: 2003


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April 22, 2017

I completely agree with both the other comments on here.

What a beautiful artist !!!!! Some incredible music here
yes producing "heart attacks :) " & many other flavors in a dance...

Wow Kasper, you really should consider digging out the old boxes & producing some more music.
Today's "scene if it could be called now" could probably use some real emotion sound again

Since 2000 so many times left standing in a gathering just being flat out bored with the structures & grooves playing from them bins.
Sadly even older artists seem to have lost the plot a bit & gone with this drone flow.

Psylent Buddhi come back with more.

And for all those who have not heard this collection's time, there's some incredibly powerful, clever sound here...good for the soul :)

Thank you Kasper & Proton, brilliant stuff !!! Hope to hear some more...old rustic recordings from the past will do too
bOom sh..


November 6, 2011

I am speechless. The fact that these tracks were salvaged...I just can't imagine this stuff being lost forever. More people have to know about this album. These tracks are pure gold -- I'd go as far as to say platinum. This is some of the craziest, earth shattering music I have ever heard. And I've listened to quite a bit of Goa and Acid over the years; I'm no stranger to the genres. This is some of the most euphoric, incredible stuff to be [un]released. And it's downloadable for free on Made available by Kasper himself. How did this stuff not become legendary?

Kasper, if you read this, please PLEASE consider producing more Goa. Your tracks are some of the most amazing pieces of work I have ever heard. Many, many others would agree with that. You have a truly unique talent. If you ever reconsider making more of this stuff, please be in touch. I couldn't be any more serious about this: I will do all that I can to spread this. This has got to be recognized.


May 9, 2010
edited over 8 years ago

A shame that the original files were lost, because these tracks are simply mind blowing. Tracks like Moksha, Convergent Images and Secrets Of The Atom are the ones that could easily have been goa classics, they're so outstanding and twisted and drenched in acid leads, intelligent structure and climaxes - if a DJ spins this you're really pushing yourself to the limit at the dance floor, while trying to translate ever little sound you hear in your dance. Been there, had a couple of heart attacks. Not all tracks are that hyper, but they're definitely all of the same quality. Even though there is 6 years between the first and last made track, it fits together with an unheard style.

Also worth mentioning are the last slower tracks:
the 9th track, In The Stream, is a 16 minute trip through ambient and very atmospheric drum & bass. Beautiful, melancholic melodies all over the place. That's how I like my liquid and my ambient. The last track closes with a downtempo beat, a perfect ending to end a hyper-kinetic album.

Amazing and so weird to see that these track were almost lost, it makes me think what else we could have missed, or what else could lie there, hidden, another gem waiting to be released...