Pulmonary Fibrosis ‎– Old Stuff Of Anal Passage

Self Cannibalism ‎– 056
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Vaginal Suppuration
A2 Theme From The A-Team
A3 Smashed Brains
A4 Fester Hepatic
A5 Stench Of Purulent Intestinal
A6 Urine Purulent
A7 Disease Of Mucous Membrane
A8 Grinding Excrement Rectum
A9 Mangled Pussy
A10 Fibroblast Proliferation
A11 Ulcer Varicose Vein
A12 Fuck Off Nazi Bastards
A13 Inflammable Tumour
A14 Crushed Eyeballs
A15 Infect Sick
A16 Worms Devour Your Corpse
B1 Pathological Increase (Intro)
B2 Guts Spilled Forth
B3 Pulmonis Infection
B4 Foetal Limbs Dissemized
B5 Stuff Anal Passage
B6 Juices Digested From Each Pus Swollen Pore
B7 Hippie Cult
B8 Corpse Dismember And Shred
B9 Vomit Breath
B10 Putrid Moment Surgical
B11 Outro


Tracks from A1 to A16 - "Songs of Pathological Experience (Demo)".
Recorded in 1999 at the Renaud's bedroom.
Tracks from B1 to B11 - "Promo tape 2001".
Recorded in 2001 at the Renaud's bedroom.
Vocals recorded at the Swann studio.

Track A2 is Anal Cunt cover.
Track A12 is Malignant Tumour cover.
Track B4 is Ulcerrhoea cover.
Track B7 is Agathocles cover.
Track B9 is Regurgitate cover.