Purr Bats ‎– And The Cows Came Home In Pirouette

19 State Of Deseret ‎– BURP 004
CD, Album


1 Ferocious Fire-breathing Frou-Frous 4:42
2 Pin The Tail On The Floozy 4:08
3 The Dragon From The Refreshment Room 3:40
4 A Roll Through the Daises 3:11
5 The Lady Dumpling Horsefeathers 3:51
6 Subdued Merriment 3:29
7 Heavenly Bridegrooms 5:11
8 The Catfish Twich-Whisker 2 4:29
9 Warning Chirp 3:31


Produced by The Decent Citizens Against Filth, Scott Selfridge.
Purrbats for 19 State Of Deseret.

Recorded and mixed mostly by Scott Selfridge in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mostly at The Lair Of The Babe Slayer.

For these recordings Purr Bats were:
James Acton
Derwood Hutchinson
Jesse Winters
Eli Morrison
Kyrbir Sweetpea Is-p

Additional instruments played by Scot Selfridge.
Some drumming on "Heavenly Bridegrooms" played by Dan Thomas.
Soiled Dove Singers: Amber Smokey-Piggy, Suzi Jo Jo, Flat Tire Sally, Perka, The Still Small Voice, Lot's wife (in salt form), Meg, Cheddar Man. S.Selfridge is also heard singing.

Thank you to many
Particular thanks to S.Selfridge
To The Tolchock Trio for use of their vibes (both instruments and energies).
And to all the bands, venues, publications, radio shows, music stores, friends, and Biblical characters that fill Salt Lake City and make it a great place to make music.

Artwork: Kyrbir Is-P
Layout: Kyrbir, Jesse, Carl, David Payneful

Edition of 1000.